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Informatica is a powerful ETL tool which supports all type of extraction, transformation and load (ETL) activity.It is the most popular and widely used ETL Tool.Most no of Data warehousing projects are using Informatica as the ETL tool.

  • Start: September 3, 2016
  • Duration: 45Hrs
  • ID: DW 1011
  • Category: Data Warehouse
  • Location: Bangalore, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Online
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Informatica has a simple visual interface, so that user can use any type of source for extracting data and load the data in desired format like database files etc. The main advantage of using ETL tools is that they are optimized for the ETL process as they provide connectors to data sources like databases, files, xml, mainframe systems etc.

A leading tool Informatica works on base of transformations in multiple ways i.e. Source qualifier, expression, sorter and aggregator, transaction control, lookups, update strategy expressions, java transformation etc. ETL – Informatica training provides you basic skills and knowledge require for implementing data integration projects, exposing core features, through lecture and hands-on exercises & also you will learn data migration projects by learning the core features of Informatica.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to

Understand and identify different Informatica Product.

Describe PowerCenter architecture & it’s different components.

Learn PowerCenter components to build Mappings, Tasks, Workflows that extract data from a source to a target, transforming it as necessary.

Describe the basic and advanced features and functionalities of PowerCenter transformations and their usage.

Perform debugging, troubleshooting, error handling and recovery .

Learn to calculate cache requirement and implement session cache .

Execute performance tuning and Optimization .

Recognize and explain the functionalities of the Repository Manager tool.

Identify how to handle services in the Administration Console .

Understand techniques of SCD, XML Processing, Partitioning, Constraint based loading and Incremental Aggregation

Gain insight on ETL best practices using Informatica .