10 Best Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle games combine fun, learning, and artistic expression in today’s digital world. They are known for their abilities to embrace diversity, teach about history and culture, and bring a moment of joyful distraction to internet users’ daily lives. Google’s ongoing development of these games shows its dedication to innovation, education, and entertainment. It has made them a beloved feature for users all over the world.

Google Doodle games are not just for fun; they have a deeper meaning. These exhibits showcase our world’s history and culture in an easy-to-understand and engaging way. Everyone loves Doodles because they offer unique games that take you on historical journeys or challenge your puzzle-solving skills. All eagerly anticipate them.

10 Best Google Doodle Games

Here are some of the best Google Doodle games to play.


Pac-Man is a popular video game that came from Japan in 1980. In the game, the player is chased by multiple ghosts, trying to eliminate them. The goal is to eat all the small white circles in the maze. You can also eat the aggressive predators only after eating the flashing dots called power pellets. It is among the most popular Google Doodle games to play.

2. Halloween 2016

Momo, a black cat, battles evil ghosts across five levels at a magic school. Juliana Chen’s real-life pet inspires the game. To make them disappear, draw a pattern of arrows and lines above their heads. In the second part of the game, released on Halloween 2020, Momo has to get rid of ghosts underwater. Like other best Google Doodle games on this list, Halloween is the best game to play.

3. Bubble Tea

If you are looking for the best google doodle games, Bubble tea is a yummy drink made with sweetened tea, natural flavors, syrups, black tea, and tapioca pearls. The big, dark brown tapioca pearls are cooked, drained, improved, and put into the tea. As you sip your drink through a wide straw, you also enjoy the tapioca pearls, giving you a chance to “eat your drink.”

4. Garden Gnomes

In 2018, Google released a Google Doodle game called “Garden Gnomes” to celebrate these popular decorations in gardens worldwide. The game has a fun and colorful world with garden gnomes. Players can assist a gnome named Gnoggin in overcoming different challenges. The game has well-designed sound effects and music that contribute to its joyful and whimsical atmosphere. Also read Snokido games review.

5. Gerald “Jerry” Lawson

Doodle Gerald “Jerry” Lawson, a video game designer and engineer, was honored with a Google Doodle game on December 1, 2020, to celebrate his birthday. Lawson invented the first cartridge-based video game console called the Fairchild Channel F. This console changed the industry and set the foundation for the home video game market.

In the game, there’s a pixelated image of Lawson. He’s a character trying to assemble parts of a video game console. Players had to help Lawson gather the required parts and overcome obstacles to finish building the console and start a video game.

6. Baseball

Google Doodle Baseball is an exciting and engaging game that baseball fans and lovers of American fast food can enjoy. Doodle Baseball is a fun baseball game that celebrates Major League Baseball. It includes lots of classic American summertime snacks. It offers a variety of food characters and combines them with a popular sport, ensuring users never get bored.

The game is great for baseball fans and food enthusiasts because it has many challenges. We will test your skills in timing, prediction, and quick reactions to anticipate pitcher’s throws. Google Doodle Ball offers exciting and captivating experiences in the sports genre that leave a lasting impression on players.

7. Champion Island Games

Doodle Champion Island Games is a fun summer game where you play as Lucky, a cat athlete. Your goal is to compete in different sports mini-games and become the champion. This game also celebrates the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Google and STUDIO 4°C collaborated to create Doodle Champion Island Games.

8. Coding for Carrots

Google is celebrating fifty years of coding languages for kids with an event called “Coding for Carrots.” In the interactive Doodle, you use coding blocks to help a furry friend collect their favorite food. There are 6 levels to complete, and the coding blocks are based on Scratch, a programming language for kids.

9. Hip Hop

Hip Hop emerged as a form of rebellion against the dominant disco scene, overshadowing the groundbreaking works of James Brown and other soul artists from the ’60s. They believed that the relatable stories and emotional truths found in soul and blues were missing in the pop-focused sounds of Disco. Hip Hop brought back the connection through pioneers who revived the powerful rhythms of James Brown’s drummer, Clyde Stubblefield.

10. Pony Express

Imagine this unique idea: riders on horseback racing from California to Missouri and back, carrying letters to ensure timely mail delivery! As promised, the first mail arrived on April 14th. Google thought the Pony Express was a great game concept. In the past, we created games that were based on time. So, our new idea is simple. Collect letters, dodge obstacles, and strive for the ultimate goal of delivering 100 letters! The Pony Express needs your help, even if you’re busy. Ultimately, nothing is more important than gaining a horse’s trust and respect, no matter what happens in life. It is one of the best among other Google Doodle games on this list.

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