The Best Context Menu Editor For Windows You Can Use

The Windows context menu’s relevance changes depending on how you organize them. The context menu, also known as the right-click menu, is intended to simplify your activity, but too many entries might make it tedious. A crowded menu is difficult to navigate, and occasionally you need help finding the desired option. For your Windows 10, and 11 devices, you may choose a potent Context menu editor to handle this. Although you may manually add and remove menu items, if you don’t do it correctly, it could harm the health of your Operating system. Get the best context menu editors for Windows from our list to experience easy customization.

The Best Context Menu Editor For Windows You Can Use

Let’s have a look at the Best Context Menu Editor for Windows.

1. Easy Context Menu

Are you seeking an easy and potent tool that may help you easily organize the entries in your system’s context menu? The Easy Context Menu may be a good option in this situation.


2. Glary Utilities

Glary Utilities, which is well-known for its optimization and system cleaning capabilities, also enables and disables right-click menu items. It is both an installation and a portable version and functions flawlessly on Windows.

3. Fast Explorer

Quick Explorer might be a terrific pick if you’re still seeking the best context menu editors. ShellMenuView and ShellExView’s features are merged in the tool. It may be used to clean, disable, and delete various shell extensions and Context menu items and is compatible with Windows XP and the versions listed above.

4. Shell Menu View

This tiny yet feature-rich tool is next on our list of Windows’s best context menu editors. You can easily enable and disable context menu items with just a single right-click.


5. CCleaner

The Best Context Menu Editors on Windows 10 list continues with CCleaner. The tool, renowned for its world-class PC optimization features, has remarkable context menu optimization and management capabilities.


6. Right-Click Extender

Right-Click Extender is a tool that you may pick up to manage your context menu items. Windows Club created it. It’s compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.


7. Right Click Enhancer

On your Windows 10 device, Right Click Enhancer is a Context Menu Editor that you may pick. It is available in a free and premium editions with more features.


8. Right Click Extender 2.0

With Windows 10, Right Click Extender 2.0 is the best option context menu editor. As its name suggests, the tool allows users to extend the right-click menu options. Furthermore, you may customize the right-click options depending on your demands or requirements. Beo, we have enumerated the characteristics of Right Click Extender 2.0 that make it an ideal Context Menu Editor for your Windows 10 devices.


9. File Menu Tools

Context Menu Tools is worth a try if you still seek the best Context Menu Editors for Windows 10.


10. MenuMaid

A crowded and disorganized context menu has you down? For a quick and easy tune-up, try MenuMaid.


11. Context Edit

Context Edit is the next option on our Best Context Menu Editors list for Windows 10. While the software is outdated, it has the capability of modern tools.


12. ShellExView

ShellExView is a powerful and feature-rich context menu editor for Windows 10. In addition, it is a highly configurable tool that may enhance the operation and capabilities of your Windows operating system.


13. Ultimate Windows Customizer

With this wonderful context menu editor, you can adjust, tweak, and customize various settings on your Windows device. In addition, it has a small footprint and uses relatively few system resources.


14. Context Menu Tuner

Context Menu Tuner is an available context menu editor. Users have the option to customize the menu in the software fully. The user may also customize the program’s command-line options, icon, and name in addition to the menu. You can create a separate menu for your preferred or most-used programs.


15. ContextEdit

The right-click menu may be edited using one of the earliest software programs for context menu editors. Although the UI needs to be updated, it includes sophisticated functionality. The software scans the system for apps and groups them into a list of related ones. File types and extensions can work with it.



Suppose you desire to simplify and clean your Context Menu. In that case, the tools mentioned above will allow you to do so easily. First, go to our comprehensive list of the best Context Menu editors to delete and disable unneeded functionality from your Context Menu and enhance its overall efficiency.

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