10 Best Podcast Software to Stream and Record in 2024

Best Podcast Software to Stream and Record 2024: Podcasts are now the preferred choice for those seeking knowledge, staying informed, or seeking entertainment. If you want to start a podcast in today’s competitive market, we suggest creating a podcast with video. With over 2 billion users, YouTube can greatly accelerate the growth of your podcast by attracting fans through video content, unlike traditional podcast hosting sites.

If you want to create and edit podcasts with video, you’ll need high-quality video podcast software. We have assessed the top video podcast software solutions by considering their pricing, features, value, and critical acclaim. These criteria allow you to discover a product that matches your requirements and financial plan perfectly. Here are our rankings for the best video podcast software in 2024.

How to Choose the Best Podcast Software

Every video podcast software is unique, just as every podcaster has individuality. We offer diverse video podcast software options to cater to all your requirements. Read below to see how to find the best choice to record and edit podcasts for your needs.


Typically, the computer is prioritized over the software rather than vice versa. It’s essential to select video podcast software that is compatible with your computer. We offer a variety of options that are compatible with different operating systems and web browsers. However, there is only one option available for Linux users. Check that the video podcast software works with your current OS and your computer is powerful enough to handle it. Review the system requirements before downloading, as some options may require a lot of CPU power. The video podcast software should also be compatible with your video and audio files.


The video podcast software on our list ranges from free to very expensive. Consider the features you require for recording and editing podcasts with video while keeping your budget in mind. Look for video podcast software that fulfills both criteria. Fortunately, many options have a free version you can try before committing.

Skill Level

After confirming that the video podcast software you’re considering is compatible with your devices and fits your budget, assessing if it suits your skill level is essential. Even if you’re skilled at audio editing, video editing might be new. You may have been working on video editing for social media, but the idea of audio mixing across multiple tracks is intimidating. Some audio and video editing software excel in different areas. Some beginner-friendly video podcast software would be frustrating to advanced editors because they offer few tools and little control. At the same time, beginners may want to take an automatic, one-click approach.

How We Test the Podcast Software on This List

Read below to find out how we test tools to record and edit podcasts and why you can trust us to provide an impartial ranking of the best video podcast software.

Test Key Features in a Controlled Environment

We consistently employ a standardized group of testers and devices to evaluate video podcast software. It ensures that users of all levels, from beginners to professionals, can try both options. People may use a Mac or a PC, but stick with the same device throughout the list to ensure a fair and accurate comparison.

Use Outside Research

We rely on external ratings from reputable review sites and thoroughly analyze both critic and user reviews to determine the rankings of our video podcast software. We want to ensure that our findings align with the consensus and are not a random occurrence.

Weigh Features and Ease of Use

For our Beginner-Friendly Tools score, we look at the number of tools available and the user-friendliness of those tools. If the video podcast software lacks essential tools or the available tools are complex and challenging to navigate, points may be deducted. The highest scores in this category are for podcast software with tons of tools, all beginner-friendly. We also consider the user reviews mentioned earlier to gauge the overall perception of the video podcast software’s difficulty level.

10 Best Podcast Software to Stream, Record & Edit With Effects

1. VEED.io

Adding subtitles to your video is crucial if you want to record and edit podcasts with video for YouTube. It benefits individuals with hearing difficulties and ensures that your video can be enjoyed by those watching without sound. It includes approximately 69% of people watching in public settings and 25% watching in private. They play a crucial role in podcasts, which primarily rely on audio. VEED is an excellent choice for video podcast software for adding subtitles. Upload audio or video, and VEED will generate subtitles in minutes. This AI results have an accuracy rate of approximately 98%, which is why VEED also provides manual review tools. It will even highlight words it wasn’t sure about to speed up the review process. Customize subtitles by modifying the style and font and adding animation. VEED offers the convenient feature of translating your videos into more than 100 languages, making them easily accessible to a wider audience.

With this video podcast software, you can record and edit podcasts with a full suite of audio and video editing features. In addition, you have the option to live stream to multiple platforms and easily share screen recordings. Customize your podcasts with video by quickly changing backgrounds, experimenting with layouts, and incorporating overlays. Effortlessly edit and rearrange audio clips across multiple tracks.

2. Podcastle

If you’re new to podcasting, you likely want a simple tool for recording and editing podcasts with video. Podcastle is the perfect solution for you. Effortlessly capture audio and video on different tracks and swiftly enhance them using cutting-edge AI tools. You can invite and record up to 10 guests, with high-quality, uncompressed audio for each participant. This video podcast software lets you quickly and easily download your recordings from the cloud, where they are securely stored.

This software allows you to split and cut audio files into multiple parts easily. You can do this by selecting either the time range or the exact duration of the clip. The tools provided make it simple to fade in and out of podcast intros and adjust the speed of the audio. It can be used for comedic effect or to enhance the speaker’s clarity. Each track can be equalized, compressed, and cleaned separately.

3. WavePad & VideoPad

NCH Software is known for providing user-friendly options, and WavePad and VideoPad are no different. They are both easy to use. The video podcast software offers user-friendly menus that can be easily customized. It also provides ample support and resources for beginners within the apps. These methods are quick and efficient for recording and editing podcasts with video.

WavePad offers audio restoration tools that reduce noise and eliminate clicks and pops. This software provides a range of tools to edit and enhance audio in your video podcasts easily. You can quickly scrub and search for specific parts and cut, copy, paste, trim, compress, and apply various effects. You can enhance your podcasts with a wide range of sound effects and music clips from our library. Lastly, you can export your audio to video with waveform, FFT, or image visualization.

For those looking to create a podcast with video, VideoPad is worth considering. This software offers a range of tools for video editing, including both basic and advanced features. Enhance the footage with accurate color correction, incorporate captivating visual effects, and make smooth speed adjustments. Additionally, the Video Maker Wizard offers professional video templates to expedite the process of creating video podcasts.

4. Director Suite 365

Director Suite 365 is a complete solution for recording and editing podcasts, suitable for both experienced podcasters and beginners. This collection of video podcast software is designed to give you complete control over all your photo, video, and audio needs seamlessly in one platform. If you’re looking for an affordable and convenient solution to record and edit audio and video and create and edit images for podcast cover art, logos, and social media posts, then Director Suite 365 is the perfect video podcast software for you.

Create crystal clear sound with high-fidelity Dolby Surround Sound with Director Suite’s audio editor, AudioDirector. This podcast software comes with a dynamic set of editing and restoring functions. It can handle recording on multiple devices and offers high-quality audio mixing. Its huge selection of tools includes noise reduction, sound panning, and audio ducking. Director Suite 365 receives regular updates, including monthly releases of new background music, sound effects packs, and themed title templates.

Create a podcast with video using PowerDirector, the top-rated video editing software in 2024, according to PCMag. It supports up to 4K resolution. This video podcast software lets you enhance your videos with themed overlays and apply split-screen or picture-in-picture effects. And if you plan to release your podcasts with video on YouTube, it comes with intro and outro templates and motion titles. Utilize a comprehensive range of color correction tools to enhance the visual quality of the video segment in your podcast, giving it a polished and professional appearance.

5. Logic Pro & Final Cut Pro

If you’re a Mac user seeking a more sophisticated solution for recording and editing podcasts, Apple’s advanced video podcast software is worth considering. Logic Pro is a professional audio recording and mixing software with advanced functionality and precise editing capabilities. Final Cut Pro is a video editing software designed by Apple for professionals and freelancers. Users familiar with Final Cut Pro will find iMovie a suitable choice for an upgrade.

Logic Pro allows you to record and edit your podcast at your convenience. Our video podcast software is designed to make recording a breeze. With its user-friendly interface and powerful tools, you can quickly turn your computer into a professional recording studio. It can handle even your most ambitious podcasts, including live and multi-location recordings. Additionally, it’s a perfect spot to explore music recording.

Final Cut Pro is designed to take full advantage of Apple Silicon, delivering exceptional speed and performance on Macs and MacBooks. We appreciate the media organizational tools that are useful when your podcast media collection grows. This video podcast software also includes Synchronized Clips for effortless video alignment with second-source audio and color coding for simple identification and customization of your media files.

6. Sound Forge Pro & MAGIX Movie Studio

We discovered that MAGIX’s Sound Forge Pro and Movie Studio make an excellent combination for intermediate users who want to record and edit podcasts with video. Both options provide a decent range of tools and are more user-friendly than professional video podcast software. However, there is a slight difference in that Sound Forge is more advanced than Movie Studio. If you have audio editing experience but are apprehensive about making video podcasts, this could be the ideal solution.

Record and edit a podcast using Sound Forge Pro, with support for up to 32 channels and high resolution up to 64-bit/768 kHz. Customize your sound and shape it to your liking using editing tools to cut, edit, and enhance audio files. Create professional-quality podcast masters that meet international standards with this video podcast software.

Magix Movie Studio offers a user-friendly interface with an intuitive drag-and-drop workflow and convenient trimming and cutting modes. This software provides a variety of acoustic effects and sounds, including classic movie scores, rock’n’roll, birdsongs, and ocean waves.

7. Riverside.fm

Riverside.fm is a software designed for video podcasting. It allows you to record both audio and video at the same time on separate tracks. It’s an excellent option for individuals looking to livestream their podcasts and for newcomers who need more editing abilities. Streaming tools offer the ability to share audience links and stream directly to popular platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Twitch, LinkedIn, and a custom RTMP destination. You can even stream to multiple platforms simultaneously. The live streams recorded with this video podcast software were smooth, even with various guests. Riverside.fm records each guest locally using uncompressed 48kHz WAV audio, making it easy to read and understand.

Having separate tracks for audio, video, and screen sharing simplifies the post-production process, making it faster and more straightforward. Transcribing a recording is a quick and efficient way to locate specific quotes. This software offers a wide range of automatic tools to simplify editing. Modify the grid view and background, automatically adjust the size to fit the screen, and incorporate logos and overlay graphics. Additionally, a convenient Magic Editor tool allows you to combine everything with just a few clicks effortlessly. This software offers a convenient feature that quickly identifies and prioritizes speakers. You can choose between a dual-grid view where speakers with high priority are displayed on the left or a picture-in-picture mode where the current speaker is highlighted while the listener is shown in a separate box.

8. Adobe Audition & Premiere Pro

The Adobe Creative Cloud is highly regarded in the professional video and audio production world. This software may require some time to learn, so we suggest it for more experienced users. Create and modify podcasts with video, and easily combine and share them using Adobe’s suite of programs. You can easily edit your files in one program, such as Audition, and seamlessly open and edit them in another program, like Premiere Pro, without any hassle of recreating the file. The Essential Sound Panel is in both products and can be interchangeable seamlessly.

Adobe Audition provides comprehensive audio post-production and restoration features, including tools for visualizing waveforms and removing unwanted sounds. Adobe Premiere Pro is a highly acclaimed video editor with numerous awards. It features a sleek and user-friendly interface that professionals in the industry favor. This video podcast software also includes collaboration tools, allowing you to receive instant feedback from your entire podcast team. Adobe regularly updates the software to provide cutting-edge tools for recording and editing podcasts with video.

9. GarageBand & iMovie

For Mac users looking to start their first podcast, there’s excellent news: you can get free audio and video podcast software that’s fully functional. Two native Mac apps – GarageBand and iMovie – combine to help you record and edit podcasts with video quickly and easily. These video podcast software options are great for those on a budget or starting. They provide a user-friendly experience and are a great alternative to Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro.

With GarageBand, create and mix up to 255 audio tracks, then polish it off with all the essentials, including reverb, visual EQ, volume levels, and stereo panning. The Touch Bar on MacBook Pro is a fantastic feature that allows users to easily navigate through projects by simply sliding their fingers across a visual track overview.

iMovie allows you to effortlessly incorporate photos into podcasts with video, edit clips, apply smooth transitions, and adjust audio levels. Creative video filters let you add a cinematic look. The keyboard’s Touch Bar conveniently displays the most useful commands when using a MacBook Pro. Share your podcast with video through Messages for a quick response, post it on popular social media platforms like Instagram, and directly publish it to YouTube in high-quality 4K resolution.

10. DaVinci Resolve Studio

If you have advanced editing skills and desire an all-in-one solution for video editing, color correction, visual effects, and audio post-production, then DaVinci Resolve Studio is for you. The audio post-production software seamlessly integrates with video editing, allowing you to switch between sound and picture effortlessly. This video podcast software is an excellent option for professionals (or those aspiring to be professionals) on a tight budget. DaVinci offers a free version capable of recording and editing podcasts with video.

Fairlight is a page for professional audio editing found within DaVinci Resolve Studio. We appreciate the convenience of combining clip and waveform editing in a single view, eliminating the need to switch to a different window for sound editing. We also understand that once you are familiar with the software, there are tools to make editing much quicker than with other pro-level video podcast software. For example, instead of manually dragging the playhead to the desired edit point, the playhead will automatically snap to wherever you click on the timeline.

If you have different members of your podcast team responsible for audio and video editing, consider using separate software for audio and video podcasting, like Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro. However, DaVinci Resolve features collaboration tools that allow each editor to work on their dedicated page simultaneously and from anywhere worldwide.

Bottom Line

On examining the reviews of this video podcast software, it becomes clear that only a few users share this sentiment. It may be excessive if you only require essential podcast software and have no intention of editing videos with extensive special effects. But advanced users who don’t want to pay a premium for multiple software to record and edit podcasts with video should try DaVinci Resolve Studio. For beginners or hobbyists who want to save money on various subscriptions, we recommend top video podcast software, Director Suite 365.


1. What is a video podcast?

A video podcast, also known as a vodcast, is a type of podcast that includes video content. A podcast is audio content that follows a specific theme and is typically released in episodes. It is often available through subscription.

2. Which software is recommended for recording video podcasts?

Screen Recorder 4 is the best software to record a podcast with video. Director Suite 365 comes with it. It’s perfect for capturing footage from a camera connected to your computer. You can even use a DSLR to record your video podcast.

3. Which camera is recommended for podcasting?

Any camera should work fine as long as it is compatible with your video podcast software, computer, microphone, and other equipment. However, consider the Nikon Z5 as an excellent choice. This camera can capture high-quality 4K video with USB and HDMI support. Additionally, it features a convenient self-timer function for hands-free recording. Importantly, it offers loop recording functionality to capture audio and video simultaneously. Additionally, you can have LCD playback and a burst shooting feature to capture still images.

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