SmiHub: Best Instagram Story Viewer Anonymously

Tools for social media analytics are popular nowadays. In addition to digital marketers, normal people also use numerous tools to view and acquire data from accounts on social platforms. It is, however, one social media account analytical tool that is gaining popularity daily. Yet, the majority of its users need to inquire whether it is legit. It’s Free. How Should I Use It? Is it used for stalking? We will review SmiHub and respond to the abovementioned questions in this article. I hope you enjoy it and that it clarifies your questions.

What Is SmiHub?

It is a sophisticated analytical tool for analyzing the Instagram accounts of anybody you want. While anonymous, it lets you view videos, images, followers, reels, stories, likes, comments, etc. This implies that the account holder will not know you viewed his story. Furthermore, you may also download and store other people’s stories on your device. Following its release on October 10, 2018, SmiHub is a new analytical tool gaining popularity. According to a recent survey, its monthly traffic is 25 million.

SmiHub Features

Let’s take a quick peek at its most salient features.

1 – It offers options to view Instagram stories anonymously.

2 – You may also download videos, stories, and images.

3 – Make a thorough analysis of followers, comments, and likes.

4 – You may explore Instagram accounts anonymously.

5 – It is a free and open source platform.

6 – SmiHub is a buffer-free, clean tool that is very simple to use.

Is SmiHub Free And/Or Paid?

It is a free platform! You don’t have to pay anything to download or use it. Also, there are no costly upgrade plans so you can use all the features for free.

How To Download Instagram Videos Or Stories From SmiHub?

You must follow instructions to download Instagram videos or stories from another user.

1 – Go to its official website, which is now

2 – Identify the account you wish to analyze.

3 – Click the download option after selecting the image or video reels.

4 – It will instantly download to your phone.

What Do Users Say About SmiHub?

I have chatted with some of my acquaintances who use SmiHub Instagram. According to their comments, the platform is legit and delivers on its claims. You may view someone’s comments, likes, and followers anonymously as their followers’ stories. Yet, most individuals use it for the goal of stalking a profile rather than for business or promotion. Yet, it is effective at what it does.

Is SmiHub Anonymous?

Its primary goal is anonymous Instagram account analysis. It claims to enable you to view and analyze any account anonymously. So, the question is whether or not the allegation is accurate. Indeed, it performs as advertised! BINGO. If you analyze someone’s Instagram account with SmiHub, they will not be alerted or learn about you. As a result, you can view an account anonymously and without any anxiety.

Is SmiHub Legit?

SmiHub is a legit social media analysis tool and not a fraud. It does not monitor your IP address, Instagram activity, or location. Also, it does not charge you any money. It claims to deliver 10% actual features, so you may use it without fear of financial or ethical concerns.

SmiHub Or Dumpor – Are They Different?

Dumpor is the new name for SmiHub Instagram. SmiHub com was the previous name of the website. They just changed their domain to So don’t panic if you suddenly discover the site’s name has changed; it is still the same. Just the brand name has changed.

How To Access SmiHub Website?

The SmiHub website is accessible without charge. However, as previously noted, the name has changed to Dumpor.


What Are The Other SmiHub Alternative Options?

SmiHub com is one of the greatest Instagram account analysis tools. But there is a SmiHub alternative if you still need convincing to use it or want to try something new. Imginn is a SmiHub alternative.

Is It Safe To Use SmiHub?

It is an open source and free platform that will not cost you a dime. SmiHub is an easy-to-use, trustworthy, and legit tool for a thorough Instagram account analysis. You may expect desired outcomes from SmiHub com without fear of being scammed.

Are SmiHub And Dumpor Same?

Indeed, SmiHub and Dumpor both refer to the same platform. SmiHub is the former name that has been changed to Dumper. The tool still has the same features and services as before, though.


That is all there is to know about or Dumpor. It is one of the greatest Instagram account analytical tools on the market. Based on our study, you may use this platform without risking legal violations and take advantage of its features to the utmost. I hope all of your questions about have been answered. What are you waiting for, then? Get going with Instagram account analysis with SmiHub now.

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