Wooting 60HE Review – Fastest Gaming Keyboard 2023

The Wooting 60HE is a wired gaming keyboard with analog Gateron Lekker switches. These switches use magnetic sensors to detect how much they’ve been pressed. You can adjust the settings using the keyboard’s software to change how these switches work.

Wooting 60HE Features

The Wooting 60HE keyboard has a cool feature: each key is analog and can do more than turn on or off. It allows for a wide range of uses in many different games and genres that you might not expect from a mouse and keyboard.

1. Actuation point

The Wooting 60HE allows you to choose your actuation point, ranging from 0.1mm to 4mm. This feature is only found in a few keyboards that require manual adjustment. You can even customize the sensitivity of individual keys, like WASD and the spacebar, to make them more responsive compared to other keys. It’s great for fixing errors, but you can create even more specific configurations.

2. Rapid Trigger

The 60HE has a feature called Rapid Trigger that allows it to quickly register a key press when you press down and reset it when you release the key. It will enable fast response times in competitive shooting games.

3. Tachyon mode

To reduce input lag and improve speed, you can enable Tachyon mode on your keyboard. This mode can cut latency in half, bringing it down to around 1 ms. However, enabling Tachyon mode will turn off the per-key RGB lighting feature.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, you can steer a horse more accurately without a controller. It is worth mentioning because it’s a significant improvement. You can use key macros that change based on how long or how many times you press a key. These may require some time to get used to.

4. Analog keyboard inputs

The Wooting 60HE offers many convenient uses for analog keyboard inputs, just a few clicks away. Also, remember that this board can imitate an Xbox gamepad, complete with left and right analog stick capabilities.

You can easily change the response curve of these analog features. You can make it gradual or extreme turbo mode. It gives you much flexibility when using these analog features in any game. I usually used the standard curve, but the smooth curve is helpful when learning about analog inputs.

It does take some time to learn not to smash the keys as I typically do. Even someone like me, who has used an analog keyboard multiple times, agrees it’s true. To start, you should forget your old typing habits and learn how to use the 60HE effectively.

Once familiar with the keyboard, gaming becomes easier and more enjoyable. Some of its best features, like Rapid Trigger, don’t require major changes in your gameplay. Over time, I learned how to use the switches more effectively without realizing it.

5. Wooting 60HE Stores More than 4 Settings

The Wooting 60HE can store up to four profiles. One of these profiles is the default for typing, a more standard setup. The others are prepared for fast gameplay (like FPS), racing games, and a mode with mixed movement. The last one replaces your WASD with left analog stick movement on a controller. You can easily swap between all of them using built-in shortcuts. The Rapid Trigger feature of the 60HE is on. Green means the key is pressed, and red represents the key is released.

6. Lekker switch

Wooting’s impressive Lekker switch enables analog input. These switches have a smooth, linear feel and can last 100 million clicks. They are similar to the traditional switches in gaming keyboards, like Cherry MX Reds. The Wooting 60HE keyboard has a stem design similar to popular Cherry switches to use most third-party keycap sets.

The Lekker switches are different from Cherry’s because they don’t have a metal contact point. Instead, these switches use a magnet switch that utilizes the Hall effect for contactless operation. The Wooting Two HE, Wooting’s first Lekker-powered keyboard, also has all these impressive features. However, other impressive features of the Wooting 60HE stand out to me.

The 60HE is the company’s best-feeling keyboard so far. Each key produces a satisfying sound when pressed, and the stabilizers have been lubricated to minimize excessive noise while typing. The mech is quiet, thanks to sound-dampening foam under the PCB. The PCB is hot-swappable, meaning you can easily replace the switches. However, only Lekker switches will work, and a few extras are included in the box.

7. 60HE keyboard compact case

The compact case is very sturdy and doesn’t wobble at all on the desktop. The 60HE keyboard doesn’t have adjustable feet, so you can’t change its height and angle. But it’s still comfortable to type on.

It is particularly true when you pair it with the black soft-feel wrist rest. It’s currently priced at $27, usually $30. This wrist rest is chunky and provides excellent support for your wrists. I’ve noticed that only a few other wrist rests do this as effectively. It feels and works similarly to the keyboards that come with the Ergodox EZ, which is a high-end keyboard made for ergonomic use.

8. ABS Shine-through Keycaps

The UK version I received for this review has ABS shine-through keycaps, while the US version has PBT caps. I haven’t personally tried them, but PBT is the better choice. It’s a shame that they’re not available worldwide. I asked Wooting why this is the case, and they explained that it’s because getting local language double-shot PBT keycaps with specific branding is expensive and difficult due to the high mold fees required.

PBT keycaps for Nordic, UK, and German layouts will arrive soon. Open the Wootility app to check and adjust the sensitivity of the analog inputs if needed. The ABS keycaps look great when the RGB lighting is turned on. The best part is that Wooting has included a white backing board for the keycaps to sit on, which helps to reflect the per-key LEDs.

9. RGB Lights

The keyboard usually looks plain and simple without the RGB lights on. But the standout feature of Wooting keyboards is the big strap attached to one side of the board. Most customers probably won’t use this strap for practical purposes, but it adds a pop of color. The board has yellow accents, like the rubber feet and the cable, which is braided in a black and yellow design.

10. Numpad

While this keyboard has many successes, it may not be the perfect size for everyone. I use the Numpad frequently at work, but the Wooting 60HE doesn’t have it by default. The function keys can be accessed using the Function key, just like on a gaming laptop’s keyboard. If you want to access the arrow keys, it’s the same deal.

I have concerns about using a 60% keyboard, but these concerns are not specific to the Wooting 60HE. They apply to all compact keyboards I’ve used. Customizing the 60HE for gaming and work is relatively easy to do.

The Wooting 60HE may have fewer keys, but it compensates with its user-friendly programming capabilities. The Wootility software ensures that. To use the 60HE properly, you need to have the latest version of the Wootility, V4. Once the software is installed, the keyboard comes to life.

11. Wooting Two HE

The 60HE is similar to the Wooting Two HE, but menu navigation is more important for the 60HE. Remapping the 60HE is very easy. To program, there are three key layers: the main layer, Fn Layer 1, and Fn Layer 2. To switch between them, press the Function key in the lower right for Fn Layer 1. While keeping that key pressed, hit Caps Lock for Fn Layer 2.

The default programming worked well for me, but I made a few changes to Fn Layer 1. I removed the shortcut to Fn Layer 2 and replaced it with the Scroll and Pause keys. I use these keys for screenshot shortcuts quite often.  By default, it could be more helpful. It would help to customize it with your keys or macros to make it worthwhile.

12. 20 Macros on a Single Profile

You can store up to 20 macros on a single profile in Wooting 60HE. But these macros are different from what you’re used to. As I mentioned earlier, three special analog functions let you have keys with other functions based on how you press them. You can use a Dynamic Keystroke (DKS) to perform different functions based on how much you press a key. There’s a feature called Mod Tap that changes the key’s action based on whether you tap it or hold it down. Lastly, there is the Toggle Key, which allows you to lock an action by pressing a specific key.

I’m still trying to figure out how to use DKS shortcuts effectively in Destiny 2, my current favorite game. I’ve tried different ways of using melee and class abilities on specific keys, but I struggled with the half-press during intense moments. It’s not a raid. A dual-actuating key could be helpful in the right genre and game.

13. Mod Tap Function

The Mod Tap function is helpful in both games and other situations. I’ve configured my number row to work as regular keys when tapped but as function keys when held down. The only drawback is that it takes up 12 out of the 20 advanced key binding slots on the keyboard. Other than that, it’s a cool trick.

Wooting 60HE’s features are customizable, and their usefulness depends on how much time you’re willing to invest to determine what works for you. I like this product because it’s valuable and innovative. There are some features that you can turn on and forget about, but they can be accommodating during gameplay—specifically, the Rapid Trigger and adjustable per-key actuation features.

14. Gaming Experience

If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, the features I’m about to mention can greatly enhance your gaming experience. They improve the smoothness and accuracy of your movements and aiming in-game, which is even more important than the keyboard’s basic analog movement capabilities.

15. Price

The Wooting 60HE is an excellent example of how a small company can create a practical, fully-featured, reasonably-priced product. The Wooting 60HE is priced at $175, which may seem expensive. However, considering its exceptional features and versatility, it is a reasonable price for a high-quality gaming keyboard.

Final Words

If you need more clarification about the small size of the 60HE, the Wooting Two HE is similar in features but slightly bigger. Today, you can get the full-size board for $173. The 60HE is currently on preorder and will likely be available around October.

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