25 Best FREE Registry Cleaner for Windows 2024

Registry cleaner is a  software programs that eliminate unnecessary entries from the Windows Registry. They are accommodating for removing registry entries that refer to no longer present files.

I have organized the programs based on my personal experience, with the better choices listed at the top. Many other options are no longer supported or updated but still work.

1. CCleaner

CCleaner is an excellent registry cleaner program I’ve enjoyed testing. This user-friendly software reminds you to back up the registry before making any changes. It also offers a range of helpful tools.

Piriform offers users the choice between installable and portable versions of their free registry cleaner.

If you’re looking for a simple solution to fix a registry problem, use Piriform’s CCleaner freeware registry cleaner tool. It’s an automated tool that can help resolve your issue.

I tried the most recent release of CCleaner, version 6, on Windows 11. I tested both the portable and installable versions. Additionally, it can clean the registry on Windows 10, 8, and 7 operating systems.


2. Advanced SystemCare Free

Advanced SystemCare Free is one of the many freeware programs offered by IObit. The utility within it is Registry Clean, which performs the task of cleaning the registry.

Immediately, you’ll notice, just like I did, the extensive range of tasks you can accomplish in this program. You can enable checkboxes to perform various tasks and clean the registry. These tasks include defragmenting the registry, running a privacy sweep, and deleting junk files.

The registry scan is high-speed, no matter how many errors the program detects. ASC is perfect for those unfamiliar with technology because you don’t need to check the results to fix them. In addition, you can shut down or restart your PC once the cleaning is complete, eliminating any concerns.

It’s inconvenient to uncheck all the other options before selecting a specific cleaning type, such as registry cleaning. The abundance of features can be overwhelming and hinder your progress.

Select Manual Mode from the Care tab to initiate the registry cleaning process. Click Select All a few times to remove all the checkboxes, then click Registry Clean and SCAN.

You will need the professional version of the program to access the Deep Clean option.

ASC is compatible with various versions of Windows, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. I tried out version 16 on Windows 11.


3. JetClean

JetClean, a registry cleaner developed by BlueSprig, is not widely discussed, but I found it excellently executed. The registry scan was completed within seconds, and the interface was well-designed.

I have a couple of concerns regarding JetClean. Firstly, the default number of cookies it considers keepable could be a lot higher. Secondly, it attempts to install a toolbar, but you have the option to decline it during the installation process.

I don’t like the lack of a readily accessible portable program version. Yes, one is available, but you need to create it from the installed version on your computer. That’s odd!

The JetClean registry cleaner is compatible with various versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 2000.

I tried out version 1.5.0 on both Windows 10 and Windows 7. It is likely the last version, as it has been a long time since it has been updated.


4. Auslogics Registry Cleaner

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is more user-friendly than other registry cleaners I’ve tried.

The reports page is filled with detailed information. Once the cleaning is complete, you can easily access a document that provides a detailed overview of all the program’s fixes.

You can access the Rescue Center in the settings. It contains a list of registry backups made before each cleaning. To ensure you never lose your backups, adjust the settings to keep them indefinitely. I was pleased to find this excellent feature in this registry fixer, as it is only commonly found in some similar tools.

It works seamlessly with the latest versions of Windows, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

I tested Auslogics Registry Cleaner and found it has been updated to version 10.


5. Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Registry Cleaner is a highly competitive registry fix tool. This program is excellent, and it’s free. It cleans your registry effectively.

Wise’s free registry cleaner offers several advantages. It performs fast registry scans, allows in-place updates, and clearly distinguishes between normal issues and potentially unsafe ones, which is a great feature.

The software is available in installable and portable versions, compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

I tried out the installable version of v11 on Windows 11.


6. Argente Registry Cleaner

Argente Registry Cleaner provides a user-friendly experience by guiding you through a simple wizard upon opening the program. It makes scanning for errors a breeze. It discovered a similar number of problems as the other programs mentioned here.

Registry backups are generated automatically before removing any registry items. Additionally, an automatic maintenance mode takes care of all the cleaning tasks when your computer starts up, requiring no intervention from you. It is quite convenient.

Reversing changes to your registry is a breeze. You can either revert to a backup that’s automatically created or create your backup at any time. Then, simply restore the registry from the “Undo changes” section of the program.

Argente Registry Cleaner is compatible with various versions of Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. I tried out version 3.1 on both Windows 10 and Windows 7.


7. Registry Repair

Glarysoft’s Registry Repair is an excellent choice for a free registry cleaner. This tool is easy to use and can be a reliable alternative if other tools are not meeting your needs.

I like that backups are created automatically because you never know when you might need one. Regrettably, unlike specific comparable tools, Glarysoft’s program does not automatically make a restore point for you. However, you can manually create a restore point if needed.

Registry Repair is compatible with various versions of Windows, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, and specific older versions.

I tried out version 5.0.1 on both Windows 10 and Windows 7.


8. PowerTools Lite

PowerTools Lite is a free registry cleaner developed by Macecraft, a well-known company that creates various Windows utilities. During my previous use, PowerTools Lite proved efficient, quickly identifying a comparable number of unnecessary registry entries like other tools in this category.

No additional software was attempted to install, unlike certain free registry cleaners.

Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Unfortunately, the tool is not compatible with operating systems beyond Windows 7.


9. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

I often come across mentions of Eusing Free Registry Cleaner on other “top” lists. Still, I didn’t find anything particularly impressive about it apart from the extensive list of issues it detected. I’m not sure about the program’s accuracy, but it’s worth a try if the other tools mentioned above didn’t give you what you needed.

Remember that a registry cleaner program differs from your typical PC maintenance tool. Registry cleaners usually do not enhance the speed or provide any other daily improvements to your computer. Registry cleaners are best used for addressing specific issues.

The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP, according to Eusing Software. I tried out version 4.6 on Windows 10.


10. Kingsoft PC Doctor

Kingsoft PC Doctor is a registry cleaner as part of a software suite. This product is incredibly user-friendly. The registry cleaner is conveniently located and easily accessed and executed without complications.

One drawback of this choice is the inability to schedule a registry cleaning for a later date. Instead, it must be run manually. Although true, the manual scans uncover many errors that can be easily fixed with just a click.

It supposedly only works with Windows 7, Vista, and XP, but I tried v3.7 on Windows 10 and 8, and it worked perfectly fine. This software appears to be the final version, with no recent updates.


11. Free Window Registry Repair

Free Window Registry Repair is similar to Eusing Free Registry Cleaner, which I mentioned earlier, so my evaluation remains the same. If you need to, give this registry cleaner a try. Otherwise, feel free to skip it and explore other options.

The registry scan time using Free Window Registry Repair was slightly longer than some top-rated registry cleaners. However, it appears to be a decent tool overall.

The website of RegSofts Software states that it is compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and older versions like 2000, NT, ME, and 98. Two versions are available: one that can be installed and another that is portable.

I had no trouble using Free Window Registry Repair to tidy up the Windows 10 and Windows 7 registry.


12. EasyCleaner

EasyCleaner is a long-standing registry cleaner that is available for free. The interface could use an update, but the registry repair tool is reliable… as long as you’re not using it on a modern computer!

The scanning process took longer than other registry cleaners, but it performed well overall. I appreciated that there were no requests to install additional, unrelated, and unnecessary programs during installation.

According to the ToniArts website, the software is compatible with Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98, and 95. It may also work on newer versions of Windows.

I tried out version 2.0.6 on Windows 8 and everything went smoothly. However, I encountered some issues when using it on Windows 10. You can choose between the installer and portable versions of this tool.


13. Registry Life

If the other options mentioned earlier seem overwhelming, this choice might be appealing due to its user-friendly wizard designed for registry cleaning.

Registry Life offers a range of features to help you optimize your computer. It can fix registry issues, defrag the registry, and provide a free tool to manage startup programs.

During my tests, I found it a bit bothersome that occasional advertisements were displayed alongside the program.

Registry Life is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 down to Windows XP. It was effective on Windows 10, although the startup optimizer didn’t always work as expected.


14. Little Registry Cleaner

This program is designed to be simple and easy to use while offering powerful features for cleaning the Windows Registry.

Firstly, Little Registry Cleaner detected more registry issues than other registry cleaners I have tried. If you are experiencing issues with the ones on this list, try this one.

This program allows you to select a specific folder on your computer for automatic registry backups. It also allows you to exclude certain files and folders from being scanned. Before deleting any registry files, it creates a restore point. Additionally, you can schedule scans to identify invalid registry entries on your computer.

Little Registry Cleaner is compatible with many Windows versions, including recent ones and older ones like Windows XP. I tried out version 1.6.0 on Windows 10 and everything went smoothly.


15. nCleaner

Cleaner appears to be a registry cleaner on par with others in this list. It performs regular registry cleaning and also includes system cleaning.

I found the interface of nCleaner to be a bit confusing, and it’s disappointing that it hasn’t received any updates in years, just like most of the other tools lower down on the list. Nevertheless, I decided to include it here due to the numerous suggestions I received.

I tested version 2.3.4. It appeared to work effectively on my Windows 10 and Windows 8 systems, even though it is officially listed as only supporting up to Windows Vista.


16. Secure Eraser

Secure Eraser offers a program suite with a dedicated section for registry cleaning and other useful tools such as a file shredder.

The registry cleaning function appears to have identified similar errors and invalid entries as the other cleaners on this list.

Once the registry is cleaned, you’ll see the results page in your browser. It can be frustrating, but turning off in the settings is simple.

Compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. The setup attempted to install an additional program on my computer during my test. It’s important to be cautious and decline any offers that you’re not interested in.


17. ACleaner

ACleaner is a free registry cleaner with outdated UI, but it is compatible with newer operating systems and effectively gets the job done.

I appreciate this program because it automatically backs up the Windows registry before resolving any problems, making it easy to restore with just a few clicks. In addition to ACleaner, a startup manager and system cleaner are included. However, locating the registry cleaner is not a challenging task.

Compatible with a wide range of Windows operating systems, from Windows 11 to Windows 2000. I tried version 5 on Windows 10 and 7 and encountered no issues.


18. PCSleek Error Cleaner

PCSleek Error Cleaner is a registry cleaner that features a user-friendly interface. It includes several other search parameters alongside the registry, but they can be easily disabled if you only want to address registry issues.

Despite its outdated appearance and simplicity, the program takes the precaution of backing up the registry before cleaning. It is as effective as the other registry cleaners on this list in identifying issues.

PCSleek is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, and XP. I tried out version 3.46 on Windows 8, and everything went smoothly.


19. Registry Distiller

Registry Distiller appears less visually appealing than the other options on this list. Additionally, the program’s interface could be morecould be more user-friendly, makmakeavigeasier viewing the results difficult. On the other hand, it excels at identifying mistakes.

During my test, it only took 10 seconds to discover over 500 errors, which is a significant improvement compared to other registry cleaners on this list.

It is compatible with Windows Vista and XP. I tried Registry Distiller version 1.03 on Windows 8 and Windows 7 without encountering any problems.


20. Registry Recycler

Registry Recycler is a free registry cleaner that detects more errors than other programs on this list. I’ve included it because I like being able to schedule registry error checks.

The program creates registry backups before cleaning to ensure you can always return to a working state if anything goes wrong. Registry Recycler offers the added benefit of defragmenting the registry and its cleaning capabilities.

This registry cleaner tool can be used as a portable program or installed like regular software, depending on the version you choose from the download page.

Registry Recycler is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


21. SS Registry Fixer

This registry cleaner from SS-Tools is incredibly user-friendly and straightforward. You can initiate a scan within seconds with limited choices and a simple, uncluttered program interface.

Registry Fixer offers a single option: backing up the registry before cleaning. I’m happy that it’s available and even turned on by default, which is fantastic.

Registry Fixer is compatible with Windows XP only, but I successfully tested version 2.0 on Windows 8 without encountering any issues.


22. TweakNow RegCleaner

TweakNow RegCleaner is a registry cleaner that comes with a variety of built-in tools.

The registry cleaner option includes a regular and deep scanner to detect and resolve errors and problems thoroughly. If you want to see exactly what you’re looking at, you can open a specific path directly in the Windows Registry Editor.

One aspect of this program that I find unfavorable is the slight confusion in determining which registry items will be removed and which ones will remain intact.

TweakNow RegCleaner is compatible with various versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


23. Toolwiz Care

Toolwiz Care offers a wide range of built-in tools, including a helpful feature called “Registry Cleanup,” located in the Cleanup tab of the program.

The register cleaner is incredibly efficient, organizing the errors and swiftly eliminating them. It appeared to detect a greater number of registry issues compared to other programs on this list.

You can enable a setting that automatically creates a restore point before deleting registry problems. It is a great way to protect your computer from potential issues that may arise during the deletion process.

To use Toolwiz Care without installation, simply click the “Run without installing” button upon opening the setup file. It is like combining a portable tool and a regular installer.

Toolwiz Care is compatible with various versions of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP.


24. MV RegClean

MV RegClean appears to have an outdated interface, but it excels at thorough registry cleaning.

During the testing phase, this program appeared to identify more issues than the rest of the programs on the list. The registry is backed up automatically, eliminating the need for manual backups.

This program is expected to be compatible with all versions of Windows, although it has only been tested on Windows 7 and 10.


25. Baidu PC Faster

Baidu’s PC Faster is a program suite with various system optimization tools, including a registry cleaner. The program is quick to install and operate, with a user-friendly interface.

Unfortunately, while Baidu PC Faster automatically backs up the registry before making changes, you have to simultaneously scan and clean Windows junk files when dealing with registry issues.

Locate the registry cleaner section of Baidu PC Faster within the Cleaner menu.

I tried out Baidu PC Faster on different versions of Windows, including 10, 8, and 7, and it worked smoothly. It should also be compatible with Vista and XP. This program was great for cleaning junk files, making it a good choice if you want to do the same.


Final Words

Each of the registry cleaners mentioned above has its advantages and disadvantages. So, the most suitable tool will vary based on your requirements.

If you prioritize simplicity, CCleaner is likely the top choice for a registry cleaner. Alternatively, the Advanced SystemCare registry cleaner is an excellent option if you prefer a tool with a visually appealing user interface. It offers a variety of tools that not only clean your computer but also enhance its speed and security.

If you’re looking to resolve computer system and stability issues, Auslogics is a solid option. The Wise Registry Cleaner is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a registry cleaner that offers lightning-fast cleaning and the convenience of automatic or scheduled scans. Jet Clean is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a quick and simple way to scan your entire registry and clean your system. With its single-click interface, you can easily clean your system in just a few seconds.

If you’re looking for a cleaner that offers a high level of customization and performs registry cleaning quickly without trying to install any unwanted programs, JV16 PowerTools is an excellent option. In conclusion, Easy Cleaner is a great option for those looking for a portable tool and using older versions of Windows.

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