What is An Answering Service? 10 Benefits Of Answering Service

First impressions matter in business. A phone answering service makes it simple for people to contact your company, meaning the difference between gaining new customers and losing them to a rival. It also allows you to focus on other elements of your company while guaranteeing that no potential consumers are overlooked.

Since the beginning, Grow has used a telephone answering service, which has become an indispensable element.

Here are ten reasons you should use a telephone answering service for your small business.

1. Never Miss Another Sales Call

Your company’s lifeblood is sales calls. What good is it to spend money on marketing or any other area of your business if you don’t make yourself available to your customers? Even though many companies and sales are now made online, many people still prefer to utilize the phone.

2. You Save Money By Not Having to Hire a Receptionist

Hiring a receptionist can be costly for a small business, and you probably don’t have enough incoming calls to warrant employing someone to handle them full-time. Even if you enlist your existing team members to accept calls, it will divert them from their other responsibilities, resulting in a financial loss.

Compared to processing your calls in-house, telephone answering services save you a lot of money. Not only will you save paying a wage, but you will also eliminate the costs of having someone in the office. Furthermore, many small business teams operate remotely, and telephone answering services are an excellent method to organize and manage a distributed workforce.

3. Even while your business is closed, we can answer the phone, take messages, and place orders

A telephone answering service, unlike a genuine receptionist, a telephone answering service can be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This implies that your company has a live person answering the phones even when the office is closed, ready to answer questions and give any other type of customer care.

4. Allow your team to focus on generating revenue and expanding your company

Dealing with the influx of inbound calls, even during business hours, can be time-consuming and irritating. It’s pointless to hire talented people to help you improve and expand your business if they will be on the phone all day answering the same questions.

A telephone answering service also filters and passes calls, allowing you to screen calls during busy moments or when you need to concentrate on your work without distractions. You can tell whether the call is from an important client or someone attempting to sell you a photocopier without picking up the phone. Many of the day-to-day inquiries can be handled by a phone answering service, leaving you and your staff to focus on building your business.

5. Make appointments and keep track of your schedule

Many telephone answering services can also perform additional functions, such as switching route calls to the right individuals. Even better, some virtual receptionists can be taught to use your calendar and diary software, allowing them to book, cancel, and reschedule appointments on your behalf. This is a fantastic approach to reducing time-consuming administrative tasks.

6. Each company receives a customized service

Call answering services usually give you a variety of options to select from, so you can choose the service that’s perfect for your company. A service will take your messages and filter out unsolicited calls at the most basic level. If you want to go above and beyond, you can provide the receptionists custom scripts and briefings, product descriptions, and FAQs, which you can change as needed.

This implies that when your clients phone you, they will be welcomed by a knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly representative who will make them feel like they are a part of your actual firm. We’ve discovered that good providers can tailor their answering services to you and your company’s specific requirements. You can provide them with service briefings, product descriptions, and information about your employees, allowing them to address many simple inquiries without disturbing you in the office.

7. Taking care of hiring, absences, training, and performance monitoring is no longer a headache

When it comes to hiring employees, small business owners must consider more than simply the salary. Hiring people takes time, effort, and money, ensuring that they perform a good job and are pleased in their roles. A phone answering service eliminates all of the additional obligations and difficulties that come with hiring a dedicated receptionist, in addition to removing another name from your payroll.

8. The Illusion of Size is created

A virtual assistant gives your company credibility and the appearance of size. We had a telephone answering service even when Grow was in its infancy when the business was run from an old laptop in our MD’s living room since we recognized we needed solid brand perception. Because many answering services let you submit bespoke scripts to your virtual receptionist, you may keep any brand voice and personality that you’ve established online or elsewhere.

9. Messages taken can be texted or sent to the business, allowing you to access them anywhere

Your messages are comprehensively tracked and securely preserved with most telephone answering services, so you’ll never lose or accidentally delete a critical message again. Even better, many answering services provide you with access to a catalog of your messages from anywhere, which is a valuable resource for engaging with potential consumers or pitching new business. It also aids in the coordination of all of your team’s activities. Everyone is kept in the loop through a message service, and there are no communication blunders.

10. Typically, there is no contract and no set-up fee. You’ll never pay more than the odds if you pay as you go

Although it varies by provider, you won’t usually be required to sign a contract, and you’ll be able to keep track of your spending by paying a fixed monthly rate or a pay-as-you-go tariff, ensuring that you won’t be hit with any surprise expenses.

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