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RetouchMe App Review: Hey there! So, let me spill the tea on my journey with this app. Quick intro about me – just your regular gal who loves sharing pics on Instagram. Now, I may not be a photography whiz, but hey, I have got my own take on things. Cut me some slack if I sound a bit offbeat, okay?

Now, back to the story. I was getting kinda bored with the usual Instagram filters and editing tools. Back in the day, I had this buddy who knew the ins and outs of Photoshop. But let us be real, relying on him all the time got old, and my photo stash just kept growing =) So, I figured it was time to see what the vast internet had in store. I was mainly on the lookout for an app that could work some magic on my body in photos – you know, subtle enhancements. There were tons of apps out there claiming to do just that, and boy, my eyes were doing the cha-cha trying to keep up.

I went on a downloading spree, testing one app after another. Some delivered pretty decent edits, while others left me wanting more. It felt like they all followed some cookie-cutter approach that just did not vibe with what I was looking for. That is when my Photoshop-savvy friend dropped the RetouchMe bomb on me, and let me tell you, it was a game-changer.

Introduction with Retouchme online

So, here is the scoop on my dive into this app. Initially, I brushed it off as just another run-of-the-mill photo editor (I mean, the name kinda gives it away), where I would pick a preset or filter and hope for an upgrade from the usual suspects. Little did I know, it is actually a paid editing service operated by real humans.

The interface turned out to be a breeze – simple and user-friendly. I easily zipped through the options, selected a test photo, and hit the processing button. Picking a photo from my phone via the app and choosing the desired effect was a piece of cake. The results rolled in surprisingly fast, and the quality caught me off guard. My pal, the app guru who tipped me off, later spilled the beans – it is all about manual processing. Essentially, what he used to do for me is now just a couple of clicks away in this online app. Talk about convenience, right? But, let us be real, convenience comes at a cost, so I started delving into the price tags of this service.

Price tag

Alright, let us break down the pricing. So, the deal here is pretty simple – one retouching session sets you back $0.99. The first time around, I went for the One-time refill – snagging 130 credits for $4.99. Why, you ask? Well, I am not a heavy-duty photo editor; just need to spruce up a few pics for those occasional special moments, you know? But as far as I see there are plenty of options to choose from if you are all in for daily usage retouching photos one after another, then you might choose one of the monthly subs – pay more once and save money on quantity, basically.

Quality and service feedback

Navigating the world of social media, especially as a woman, requires a careful eye to meet local photo posting standards. Quality is a non-negotiable priority for me. Until recently, I relied on someone else to handle the nuances of photo editing. Over the past month, I’ve handed over around 20 photos to the skilled hands at RetouchMe, and the results consistently surpassed my expectations. There are no peculiar artifacts or unnatural touches that might suggest meddling by an editor. The retouching genuinely reflects high professional quality! While there was a single instance where the outcome didn’t quite meet my expectations, kudos to the team for promptly revising the work based on my feedback. It’s reassuring to witness the company’s commitment to valuing user input and taking swift action to ensure satisfaction with the results. The seamless experience of entrusting my photos to RetouchMe has truly elevated my confidence in online photo editing services.

Many functions

What truly impressed me about RetouchMe is the array of functions it offers beyond body correction. While my primary focus is on body editing apps, I used to clutter my phone with a myriad of apps for various photo editing tasks. It is crucial to move beyond the clichéd Instagram filters for color correction, though, frankly, they all seemed quite similar to me. The beauty here lies in having everything consolidated in one place, making it incredibly convenient. About a dozen split categories with hundreds of options to choose from make it a nice deal. I can trust in consistent quality because it is not merely a matter of selecting filters; each time, you receive manual processing. I have delved into several functions I did not even realize existed, and the standout feature for me is that even when adding non-existent elements to the photo (like masks), the app considers the original photo’s conditions, such as lighting and shades. Notably, the results often arrive within just a couple of minutes, a significant added benefit!

Constant updates

I often find myself using the app to retouch photos, and even during periods of temporary disuse, upon my return, I am pleasantly surprised by the introduction of new editing options. Initially, my download was motivated by just the body editing service, but now I am seriously considering opting for the extended pricing plans to delve into the array of fresh features. The continuous updates and improvements to the app are a delightful aspect. The underlying business concept is intriguing, and I am confident it holds the potential to thrive as now I see it become a photo and video editing app, so it is two in one basically. The reality is, that not many individuals are enthusiastic about dedicating time to manual processing, especially when it comes down to some Photoshop routines. Embarking on the quest to find suitable personnel for such tasks is also a pass for me. Here, the pricing structure, while not inexpensive, is more or less reasonable, considering it is a hand touch. While a slight reduction in cost would certainly be welcomed, the overall affordability remains within acceptable bounds.

Privacy guaranteed

I am not completely sure about this one though, however, it does not freak me out that much. Just hope the saying that my photos are not going to be shared with third parties or any further beyond the service. I believe the company wants to keep making money and they appreciate their reputation, otherwise, what is the point, right?

Claim reviews RetouchMe app and my suggestions

  • Appreciate the demo photos, yet having a promo offering the first 5 photo edits for free would be even better. Initially, I had reservations about testing other features or fearing that the trial processing might be satisfactory, only for the subsequent results to disappoint me, with the money already spent.
  • I’ve seen plenty of customers review RetouchMe on this subject, so I would also like to have some kind of preview before the funds are deducted. In case the result is unsatisfactory, the photo could be further edited.
  • It would be great if you added an additional “comments” section so that I could note specific details about the processing, and these could be taken into account.
  • The app is paid because real freelancers edit our photos. I like that the edits often look natural, but I would appreciate slightly lower prices for the One-time refill plans. While reading other user reviews, I saw that credits could be earned, but I could not find that option. It is possible that it is no longer available. If it still exists, could you please guide me on where to find it?
  • The RetouchMe website has a fascinating blog with illustrations and guides on various photo-related topics. I enjoy reading it and would like to have access to it directly from the photo app. Currently, I have to use a computer to access it.


I would give the app a solid 4.5 out of 5 – an excellent choice when you are seeking to enhance a particular aspect of yourself or perfect that beach photo, for instance. It is crucial, though, not to get carried away, as excessive usage could quickly deplete your credits. Additionally, it is essential to stay mindful of self-care in the real world. Navigating the interface is a breeze, and the quality of retouching is consistently top-notch. A big shout-out to the designers for their commendable efficiency. I almost invariably attain the desired result, with just occasional exceptions. Hence, the inclusion of a comments section for editor instructions would be a valuable enhancement.

Author: Egor Shustik

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