Chatwee – Instant Messaging & Chat Review 2024

Looking for an app that lets you chat and send messages instantly? Chatwee is a great option for virtual events, team collaboration, and online community-building. Chatwee is advancing your online community. Their chat widget is powerful and enhances user engagement. They offer personalized development of new features and capabilities, with a proven history in this field.

Chatwee has offered live chat and instant messaging services since 2012, attracting many clients and users. They have supported numerous websites, linking individuals globally. Chatwee boasts over 70,000 registered websites, with 30,000,000+ chat users and over 100,000,000 messages sent.

How Chatwee’s Team Goes About Their Work

Team Chatwee consists of different individuals, each with unique skills and responsibilities. They teamed up to develop a group chat app to meet the needs of online groups looking to chat in real time.

Team Chatwee is self-reliant and handles everything internally, which is one of the impressive aspects of their operation. They deeply understand every aspect of their product, enabling them to address customer feedback promptly.

They know their product inside out, which helps them respond to user feedback quickly and effectively.

What can you do with the Chatwee?

Chatwee is a chat room that can be easily embedded on any website using JavaScript. For single-page applications or real-time control, utilize the JavaScript API provided.

If you have a PHP/Java/HTML website, you can use their PHP SDK to connect with the Chatwee HTTP API. Feel free to try out the Chatwee chat plugin on various popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, MyBB, XenForo, and more through their Integrations website.

Chatwee is ready to assist you in expanding your online community

Chatwee is ready to help you build your online community.

The live chat keeps users engaged with various interactive features, whether a group of fans, a support group, or a virtual event.

Chatwee serves a variety of purposes beyond entertainment. It is a valid social platform that can help you build and keep a loyal audience over time.

They offer a variety of features in their live social chat and are willing to assist with custom development for any specific requests.

With Chatwee, you can motivate your community or audience to:

  1. Socialize, make new connections, and work together. Build lasting friendships or business partnerships.
  2. Connect and discuss their passions, concerns, and thoughts with like-minded individuals. Speak up.
  3. Observe, participate, challenge, and inquire. Generate unique ideas or draw inspiration from existing work. Stand out from the crowd.


Plugin for live chat to ignite your community: Enhance your website visitors’ experience and convert them into community members.

Lots of ways to customize: Choose Chatwee for a perfect fit with your website. Stay organized with a range of customization choices. Help your online community members discover their niche and feel comfortable in it.

Group chats in the style of Messenger: Geographical distances won’t keep your site’s members apart anymore. Chatwee users can easily communicate privately and keep a record of their conversations.

Offline messaging: Make sure you get all the messages! Now, you can reach out to other chat widget users, even if they’re not online. Users can easily share links, photos, gifs, and files directly from their devices in the chat.

Multiple login methods: Choose the participants for the live chat. Everyone from Facebook, Chatwee, and even anonymous users can join in. Have you opened the site in multiple tabs? Don’t worry! Chatwee syncs automatically to maintain the conversation flow.

The Four Pillars of Chatwee

Use all features of their chat software to see your community expand.

High user capacity

Your chat can have a maximum of 4,000 people logged in at once. Many communities and event organizers can choose pay-per-use plans customized to their needs and will likely find the limit satisfactory.

Multiple chat rooms

Organize your chat by setting up different rooms to channel the conversation. Add more chats to your account for the various tasks you’re handling.

Highly customizable

Chatwee lets you personalize the layout extensively. Down to the smallest details, the app’s layout and color choices can be customized by their engineers to achieve your desired design.

Loads of features

The live chat software offers a variety of features, with many developed based on customer feedback and made to foster an enjoyable atmosphere that attracts people.

Users of Chatwee Live Chat

Their chat app has been beneficial for:

Online Community

Rather than constantly focusing on acquiring new customers, building an online community can help maintain engagement and encourage increased spending. Here are five steps for creating a digital community that lasts:

  1. Determining the goal
  2. Determining ownership
  3. Enhancing customer satisfaction
  4. Contributing regularly

Choosing the Right Platform

Once you have these details organized, you can establish and expand an online community that will endure, enabling your company to succeed. Let’s get started!

Virtual Events

Thanks to modern technologies, event planners can stay connected to the action.

  1. Many companies have changed their schedules and shifted their conferences, trade shows, and other business gatherings to online platforms.
  2. Ensure your online event is a one-way broadcast and provides social interaction opportunities.
  3. Your project, which includes Chatwee, a robust instant messaging and chat room application, enhances the user experience significantly.
  4. Feel free to sign up for an account using the provided form and explore the various possibilities.
  5. They offer monthly subscription plans and a pay-per-use option, accessible through your Chatwee Dashboard.

Mental Health Support

Issues such as alcohol and drug misuse, eating disorders, depression, self-harm, anxiety, and bipolar illness are common reasons for seeking mental help. Assistance is required not only for individuals directly affected but also for those who support them, as they experience significant mental strain.

Looking for help online has many benefits, such as:

  1. Easy access
  2. Healthcare is focused on preventing diseases.
  3. Therapy
  4. Diagnostic Tests
  5. Review
  6. Electronic documentation

It offers chat rooms and private conversations to enhance the experience for everyone involved.

Team Communication

Considering all that has been mentioned, how does Chatwee perform? It offers numerous features designed for project team members and remote workers.

Install Chatwee on your company website, and you’re all set.

How does Chatwee fare in comparison?

Chatwee users can chat in public chat rooms, similar to channels for specific themes, projects, or departments, group chats for employees working together, or private one-on-one talks.

Users can easily share clickable links, upload files, and display images and gifs directly in the app. Written communication is a valuable tool, so make the most of it.

Live trading

At Chatwee, they are always open to listening to their chat users. I want to ask what other features you think would be helpful for them to implement. Live trading chat room or any other live chat?

The social aspect of the live trading chat room, where users can interact with other business-oriented members, adds value to a member’s account.

Church services

They offer a unique customer experience through live chat. The live chat widgets are responsive and work well on smartphones and tablets. It enables people to engage in church ministry from anywhere.

To put it bluntly, religious organizations must adjust to new conditions to stay operational. Enabling online communication can help you stay connected and grow your follower base.

Educational webinars

Live social chat is an excellent tool for students to connect, as well as with libraries and professors. It offers numerous benefits, like being a modern tool for sharing knowledge in education and delivering important information instantly.

Live video streaming

To clarify, Chatwee does not condone digital piracy in any way.

People online want information fast and enjoy joining live events and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Email them if you encounter any problems or have questions, and they will reply promptly.

Online gaming

The internet gaming sector continues to grow rapidly. Players want games to be more advanced, offer a realistic experience, and enable interaction with other players.

Moreover, gamers usually have strong buying power and are willing to spend. Consider using live chat to contact them with a special deal.

The Top Features of Chatwee includes

  1. Send as many chat messages as you want
  2. Personalized chat tool
  3. Rules for Security
  4. History of past conversations and written records
  5. Transferring files
  6. Alerts and actions based on triggers
  7. Data analysis
  8. Tracking visitors
  9. Price
  10. Complimentary



Five users can chat simultaneously in one chat room, with a 14-day limit on message history in the free package.


This package has 25 users, three chat rooms, one moderator, a 14-day message history limit, and CSS customization support.


The Pro plan includes 150 concurrent users, 10 chat rooms, three moderators, and a 30-day message history. Additionally, you can customize CSS, enable single sign-on, and implement message moderation.


300 users can be online simultaneously, spread across 25 chat rooms with 10 moderators. Messages are stored for up to 90 days.


You can choose the number of simultaneous users for Enterprise, along with options for chat rooms, moderators, and message history duration. Additionally, there are extra features like White labels and Features on Demand.

Usage-based payment

We’ve got you covered if you need an event chat or want to use Chatwee briefly.

Paid plans include all these chat features:

  1. Chat that responds quickly
  2. Lots of customization options available
  3. Many chat rooms are available.
  4. Adjust size by clicking and dragging.
  5. Public and private conversations
  6. Received message while offline
  7. Sharing files and media
  8. Balance with influence
  9. Screen for inappropriate language
  10. Translations available in multiple languages
  11. There are multiple login options available.
  12. The Evolution of Public Chats
  13. Data analysis
  14. Syncing tabs


  1. We accept credit cards and PayPal for payment.
  2. You can cancel, upgrade, or reduce your subscription at any time.
  3. Chatwee is a cloud-based service compatible with any website.
  4. Your easy-to-use Dashboard lets you personalize everything.
  5. Chatwee offers Single Sign-On to help your site’s members save time.

What makes Chatwee the best option?

Chatwee is a SaaS solution that is easy to set up and doesn’t require any programming knowledge. To enable live chat on your website, add a line of code. They manage server maintenance, updates, and regular upkeep to minimize implementation costs.

Final Words

Chatwee is one of the best programs for chatting and sending instant messages. Check out their social media profiles by clicking the links in the site’s footer. It will uplift their spirits and motivate them to continue improving the product. I appreciate your interest and look forward to welcoming you on board soon! Sign up now for a free trial and improve your accessibility to clients.

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