What is Sailor Moon? All Famous Sailor Moon Characters List

Sailor Moon is a manga series from Japan created by Naoko Takeuchi. The series is about a schoolgirl named Usagi Tsukino who transforms into an eponymous character to find a magical artifact called the “Legendary Silver Crystal.” She is the leader of the Sailor Soldiers, also known as Sailor Guardians. They fight against villains to protect the Silver Crystal and save the Solar System from destruction. The manga was made into an anime series by Toei Animation and aired in Japan. The Sailor Moon anime was released in North America and dubbed into English. Fans and academics noticed that the dub had changed to make it more Westernized than the original Japanese release.

What is Sailor Moon?

Sailor Moon, known initially as Pretty Soldier in Japan, was released there. Sailor Moon is a Japanese series that was later known as Pretty Guardian. It is a Japanese superhero anime TV series made by Toei Animation. Sailor Moon was initially shown in Japan and later dubbed for release in different parts of the world, such as North America, Southeast Asia, Greater China, Australia, Europe, and Latin America.

The Sailor Moon series is about a middle school student named Usagi Tsukino who becomes a Pretty Soldier and goes on adventures. She collaborates with other Sailor Soldiers to protect Earth from evil villains. The anime also shows how Usagi grows from a middle school girl to a responsible young adult. The anime did well in the United States, so Tokyopop released the manga there too. Sailor Moon is famous and has inspired many other things like movies, games, and music.

Famous Sailor Moon Characters

The Sailor Moon manga series has many characters created by Naoko Takeuchi. The story takes place in Tokyo, Japan. There are ten magical girls called the Sailor Guardians. They fight against enemies who want to take over the Earth, Solar System, and the Milky Way galaxy.

1. Sailor Moon

Usagi Tsukino Sailor moon

Usagi Tsukino, also known as Serena Tsukino in the English dub, is the main character of the series. Usagi, a fourteen-year-old girl, is known for her carefree nature and ability to love, show compassion, and understand others. She becomes Sailor Moon, the hero known as the Guardian of Love and Justice. At the beginning of the series, she sees herself as an immature crybaby. She doesn’t like fighting evil and wants to be a regular girl. As the story goes on, she sees the opportunity to use her power to protect the people she loves. She likes the color pink.

2. Tuxedo Mask

Mamoru Chiba Sailor Moon Characters

Mamoru Chiba, also known as Darien Shields in the English dub, is an older student than Usagi. As a child, Mamoru was in a car accident that took away his parents and memories. He and Usagi have a unique psychic connection. He can feel when she is in danger. It motivates him to become Tuxedo Mask and join the Sailor Guardians in battle when necessary. They start with a difficult relationship but then remember their past lives and fall in love again.

3. Sailor Mercury

Ami Mizuno Sailor moon Character

Ami Mizuno is an innovative and quiet fourteen-year-old who loves books. She is in Usagi’s class and is rumored to have an IQ of 300. In the original English dub, she is called Amy Anderson. She can turn into Sailor Mercury, the Guardian of Water and Wisdom. Ami appears shy, but she is very enthusiastic about learning and caring for others. She wants to be a doctor like her mom and is usually the practical one in the group. Ami Mizuno secretly loves pop culture and romance novels, and feels embarrassed when people notice. Ami uses a handheld computer that can scan and detect almost anything she needs information about. She likes the color blue.

4. Sailor Mars

Rei Hino Sailor moon

Rei Hino, also known as Raye Hino in the English dub, is a graceful fourteen-year-old miko. Rei, a Shinto priestess, has limited precognition and can dispel evil using particular ofuda scrolls, even when not in her priestess form. She becomes Sailor Mars, the protector of fire and passion. Raye Hino is serious, focused, and gets annoyed by Usagi’s laziness, but she still cares a lot about her. In the anime, Rei is shown as really into boys and gets angry quickly. However, in the manga and live-action series, she is portrayed as someone who doesn’t care about romance and is more in control of her emotions. Rei Hino attends a private Catholic school, unlike the other girls’ schools. She likes the color red.

5. Sailor Jupiter

Makoto Kino Sailor Moon Character

Makoto Kino, a fourteen-year-old girl, is in Usagi Tsukino’s class. There’s a rumor that she got expelled from her old school for fighting. Kino Makoto, also known as Lita Kino in the English dub. She is a Japanese schoolgirl who is unusually tall and strong. She becomes Sailor Jupiter, the Guardian of Thunder and Courage, when she transforms. Makoto’s parents passed away in a plane crash a while back. As a result, she lives independently and looks after herself. Makoto Kino focuses on building her physical strength and enjoys activities like housekeeping, cooking, and gardening. Makoto is good at fighting without weapons. She dreams of marrying a young, handsome man and owning a flower-and-cake shop. She likes the color green.

6. Sailor Venus

Minako Aino Sailor moon Character

Minako Aino is a cheerful and imaginative teenager. Minako is the main character in Codename: Sailor V. Her full name is Aino Minako, but she is called Mina Aino in the English dub. Luna and Artemis are companion cats who guide the Sailor Guardians together. Minako becomes Sailor Venus, the Guardian of Love and Beauty. She leads Sailor Moon’s four inner Guardians and serves as her bodyguard and decoy due to their strikingly similar appearances. Minako Aino dreams of being a famous singer and idol. She goes to auditions whenever she can. In the live-action series, she is a successful J-pop singer but has poor health because of her anemia. It causes her to isolate herself from the other Guardians. She likes the color orange.

7. Sailor Chibi Moon

Chibiusa Sailor moon

Chibiusa is the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion in the 30th century. Chibiusa, also known as “Rini” in the English dub. Later, she trains with Sailor Moon and becomes a Sailor Guardian herself. She learns to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon or “Sailor Mini Moon” in the English series. In the 20th century, she sometimes had a difficult relationship with her mother. But as the series goes on, they become very close. Chibiusa aspires to be like her mother when she grows up. She likes light pink as her theme color.

8. Sailor Pluto

Setsuna Meioh Sailor moon

Setsuna Meioh is a mysterious woman known as Sailor Pluto, the Guardian of Spacetime and Change. Meiō Setsuna, also known as Trista Meioh in the English dub. She has to guard the Space-Time Door from unauthorized travelers. She appears on Earth later, living as a college student. Setsuna Meioh is often distant and strict but can also be friendly and helpful to the Sailor Guardians. Sailor Pluto feels very lonely after spending a lot of time guarding the Space-Time Door. However, she has a close friend named Chibiusa, who calls her “Puu.” Sailor Pluto has a Garnet Orb that helps her attack and pause time. She likes the color crimson.

9. Sailor Uranus

Haruka Tenoh Sailor moon

Haruka Tenoh is a friendly and tomboyish girl slightly older than the other Sailor Guardians. Ten’ō Haruka, also known as Amara Tenoh in the original English dub. She can turn into Sailor Uranus, the Guardian of Sky and Flight. Before becoming a Sailor Guardian, she wanted to be a race car driver and was good at driving. She often dresses and speaks like a man in the anime. In the show, the characters frequently confuse her for a man. During battles, she doesn’t trust outside help and prefers to work only with her girlfriend, Sailor Neptune. Later on, she also teams up with Sailors Pluto and Saturn. Sailor Uranus uses the Space Sword as her talisman to help her in battles. She likes the color navy.

10. Sailor Neptune

Michiru Kaioh Sailor moon

Michiru Kaioh is a skilled violinist and painter known for her elegance. Like her partner and lover, Haruka Tenoh, Michiru comes from a wealthy family, although the series doesn’t mention them. Kaiō Michiru is also known as Michelle Kaioh in the original English dub. She can turn into Sailor Neptune, the Guardian of the Ocean and Embrace. She worked alone until she found her partner, Sailor Uranus. Neptune abandoned her dreams and fully dedicated herself to her role as a Sailor Guardian. She is prepared to make any sacrifice necessary for her duty. Sailor Neptune has a unique item called the Deep Aqua Mirror. It helps her trust her instincts and uncover hidden evil. She likes the color teal.

11. Sailor Saturn

Hotaru Tomoe Sailor moon

Hotaru Tomoe is a young girl who is sweet and lonely. Her health was significantly compromised due to a laboratory accident when she was young. Hotaru overcomes darkness and becomes Sailor Saturn, Guardian of Silence, Destruction, and Rebirth. She often thinks profoundly and, as a human, has the mysterious ability to heal others. Sailor Saturn has a weapon called the Silence Glaive. It allows her to create barriers and destroy planets. When she uses her power, she dies but is brought back to life by Sailor Moon. She later lived with Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna as a family. She likes the color purple.

Supporting Sailor Moon Characters

Here are some supporting Sailor Moon characters;

1. Luna

Luna Sailor Moon Character

Luna is a black cat who serves Princess Serenity and advises Queen Serenity. After the kingdom falls, she and Artemis are sent to Earth to protect the Sailor Guardians, who are reborn by entering a long sleep. Luna has suppressed memories and needs to find the Sailor Guardians. She meets Usagi Tsukino and helps her become Sailor Moon, unaware that Usagi is Princess Serenity reborn. Luna gives the Guardians their particular items. Throughout the series, Luna and Usagi become close friends. At first, their relationship is a bit rocky because Luna tends to annoy Usagi with her unwanted advice. She and Artemis are romantically involved, confirmed when they encounter Diana, their future daughter.

2. Artemis

Artemis white cat

Artemis is Minako Aino’s white cat companion. He trains her to become Sailor V and stays with her as she becomes Sailor Venus. He helps Usagi Tsukino play the Sailor V video game at the Crown Game Center arcade without telling her who he is. In the anime, Luna gets annoyed when she finds out that the one guiding her all along was the person who caused the technical problem. Later, he tells Luna about the details of her real mission.

3. Diana

Diana Sailor Moon Cat Character

Diana is Luna and Artemis’ future daughter. She first appears in the Black Moon arc when the Sailor Guardians travel to the 30th century. After defeating Death Phantom, the Sailor Guardians return to the 20th century and Diana joins them. She makes her debut in the anime Sailor Moon SuperS. At first, Diana calls Artemis her father, which initially upsets Luna. Diana’s true identity is later unveiled – she hails from the future and her mother is Luna. Luna and Artemis guide Usagi and Minako, while Diana is a guardian to Chibiusa. She is curious, helpful, and polite. Diana always addresses Usagi and Mamoru with the honorific “-sama” and calls Chibiusa by her formal title, Small Lady. Despite being young, she occasionally helps the Sailor Guardians and often uses her future knowledge to assist them.

Other humans Sailor Moon Characters

Here is the list of human Sailor Moon characters;

1. Ikuko Tsukino
2. Kenji Tsukino
3. Shingo Tsukino
4. Naru Osaka
5. Gurio Umino
6. Haruna Sakurada
7. Motoki Furuhata
8. Reika Nishimura
9. Rei’s grandfather
10. Yuichiro Kumada
11. Unazuki Furuhata
12. Kotono Sarashina
13. Ittou Asanuma
14. Momoko Momohara
15. Kyusuke Sarashina

Other Non humans Sailor Moon Characters

Here are some non humans Sailor moon characters;

1. Queen Serenity
2. Phobos and Deimos
3. Helios/Pegasus
4. Princess Kakyuu
5. Chibi-Chibi
6. Sailor Cosmos

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Final Words

Read and watch the Sailor Moon series if you are a manga and anime lover. Sailor Moon is an 18-volume series about a group of young characters who are simultaneously heroic and reflective, active and passionate, and loyal and ambitious. The combination was exceedingly prosperous, and both the manga and anime versions of Sailor Moon became internationally renowned.

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