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Subiz is a sophisticated live chat widget that assists in developing online businesses. Customer service through giving direct help and real-time feedback. Subiz operates by adding an unseen component to a website or app. Users may click to begin talking with one of your reps immediately. Although Subiz is compatible with any website or app, the Subiz widget may be tailored to meet your brand precisely. Hence, if you wish to learn more about what Subiz can do for you, it mixes smoothly with your website design.

About Subiz

Subiz is a web-based live chat solution that facilitates direct communication between online businesses. Handling website visitors and converting them into customers. Chatting in real-time with visitors enables business users to give immediate support and receive immediate feedback. In this manner, website owners can reach a greater number of prospects, raising their conversion rates. It’s a win-win scenario for both parties. The Subiz widget enables a website owner to put a little pop-up window for live chats on any page. Their websites efficiently and effectively without significantly altering their present appearance. Visitors can sign up shortly with their Google account or Facebook profile without signing up through their email address. You may select from predefined templates or design your own using the CSS language. So, your creativity is open.

How Does Subiz Work?

The process of using Subiz is straightforward. Website visitors may initiate a live chat session with a company representative by clicking an icon. A floating window emerges, and customers may write messages to be sent straight to your personnel. Your employee will be alerted and, depending on their option, can answer through text or voice message. After they stop chatting, customers instantly disconnect from their chat session. There are no follow-up emails or onerous paperwork to complete. Everything happens straight in your browser. With over ten distinct integration options, our widget may be added to your website in various ways. They provide a variety of styles for businesses of all sizes.

Subiz Benefits

Although live chat has been a component of many other tools, such as email, SMS, and phone calls, for years, there are some significant benefits of using Subiz to chat with your website visitors that you may need to be made aware of. With our widget, it’s simple to connect directly with website visitors without leaving your site. And while live chat often needs a paid membership or an account with a third-party service provider, there are exceptions. There’s no third-party account needed at all when using our solution. Subiz requires that users provide their unique URL address. And they may begin chatting without creating an account immediately. In addition, they offer two payment options based on the number of active chats you have at any one time.

This ensures that you only pay for something you use. Making Subiz cost-effective even if your company is yet to be profitable. They provide technical help via email and phone. Hence, if you have a problem on your website, they can address it promptly. To retain prospective leads during the process. Regardless of the sort of product or service sold. Most businesses will agree that communicating effectively with online customers is one of the keys to their success.

Set Up & Integrations

Setting up a new business messaging solution can be challenging, especially if you are still determining the features you want or do not want. Happily, our Subiz widget takes care of this; incorporate our script into your website. And in a matter of minutes, you’ll have a fully working chat solution. Customers can request and receive assistance immediately by adding an intuitive chat system to your website. Contributing to enhanced customer satisfaction and ensuring that customers are well-informed. Where to go when they need it, and because they provide free hosting for all of our users, setting up a new messaging portal is simple and can aid in enhancing communication with current and prospective customers.

Supported Devices

Subiz supports all major web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. You were using a mobile device, right? No problem! You may access a responsive website version from your desktop or laptop computer. And if you’re using an iPad or iPhone, there’s a native app available. So now you can offer online help from your iPhone or iPad! If you are experiencing issues with our live chat widget, please visit our troubleshooting page for further information about how to use Subiz.

Price & Packages

They offer three sorts of bundles. The basic subscription, targeted at bigger businesses, provides access to all features and support for a set monthly charge. Suppose you are beginning and wish to test your product in a controlled setting. You may find our Beginning package interesting. This bundle offers fewer features than our Standard option and is less expensive. They also offer an Enterprise-level service suited to your unique demands and support. More good customizing choices and finer-grained data collecting management. Options for integration with other apps, user roles, permissions, etc.

Most Valued Features By Users

The fact that it is a web-based app means businesses and their agents never have to install any software or plugins to communicate with visitors in real-time. Customers are engaged in chat rather than being forced to gaze at a screen filled with numbers and lines that confound and scare them. It can manage numerous chats at once by letting businesses set tasks such as ‘call back’ or ‘get details on order’ immediately within the chat. This helps customer service representatives spend more time assisting customers than moving between chats concurrently.

Customizable Branding

Subiz is distinguished from other live chat software providers by. The flexibility to adjust brand colors, logos, and branding is unique. On each website page, the live chat widget may display a bespoke brand logo while occupying minimal space. Customized brand colors enable business owners to communicate directly with visitors and establish rapport.

Proactive Chat

That is not to suggest that live chat software is not beneficial for business users; it is. Live chat software enables businesses to engage site visitors proactively and expedite customer service assistance. Nevertheless, most solutions are difficult and must immediately integrate with websites or third-party systems such as Salesforce or Zendesk. Hence, you must manually copy and paste messages across apps. This requires a great deal of your time and energy. The result? You have more real-time engagement but get less value because it doesn’t save you time in other areas.

Customer Service Analytics

As your customer base expands, live chat statistics can let you track how successfully your customers respond to your agents. The correct software can deliver real-time data that illustrate which questions ask most frequently. Who’s visiting, when, for how long, and where do users leave your support funnel? This insight can increase customer service efficiency by identifying which questions require an agent and which do not. In addition, you can customize answers in part or in full. You may provide responses based on a user’s behavior while on your website. The Subiz widget interfaces with typical sales systems like Salesforce or HubSpot. Hence, the information collected via website chats instantly links to leads and current accounts.

Third-Party Integrations

Online businesses may integrate live chat help into their websites using HTML or JavaScript. It’s a terrific alternative for little shops who wish to stay lean. And maintain low prices while offering superior customer service. With our code snippets, for instance, you can quickly integrate your website with over 60 prominent e-commerce platforms. Among our preferred integrations are Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, and others.

How Does It Compare With Others?

Live chat is a more dependable and efficient customer service tool than email since it does not rely on it. Why should you wait for someone to check their phone or email after all? When you could communicate with them promptly and allow them to return to work. When compared to other web-based solutions, live chat is superior. Most service providers concentrate on customization possibilities, branding features, etc. However, these features only matter if a solution offers users a consistent and quality experience that offers direct communication. It is what distinguishes Subiz from others! It is not an instant messaging tool; it enables businesses to communicate with website visitors in real-time without sending emails.

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People are pleased with Subiz since it is simple and has significantly improved their business connections. Any website user may log in and configure a chat for numerous pages. It will subsequently become available to site visitors as a button. Who may communicate via live chat if they have questions or concerns? Subiz eliminates the need to wait in line or respond to email inquiries. Facilitating real-time communication with prospects and assisting them in overcoming their obstacles. When customers know they will receive prompt responses, their confidence in your organization improves, simplifying sales.

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