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Best DMG file opener: DMG files are commonly associated with macOS operating systems. They serve as virtual disks for software, applications, and other files. Unfortunately, accessing DMG files on Windows can be challenging because this format is not supported natively. Thankfully, third-party applications allow users to open DMG files on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Today, we’ll explore reliable DMG file openers that make accessing and managing DMG files a breeze, no matter what operating system you use. These DMG file extractors can help you overcome compatibility issues and easily access DMG files on Windows and Mac computers. Alright, let’s dive right in.

What Is DMG File Opener?

A DMG (Disk Image) file is a widely used format on MacOS similar to an ISO file on Windows. Opening DMG files is a breeze with the following procedures.


Double-click the DMG file on your Mac’s desktop or the Finder. This operation mounts the DMG file as a virtual drive on your desktop.

Drag & Drop

After mounting the DMG file, it will appear on your desktop or Finder as a real drive. You can quickly move the application or files from the virtual drive to your Applications folder or any other location you prefer.

Eject DMG

Once you’ve copied the DMG file’s contents to the correct directory, remember to eject it. To remove the DMG icon from your desktop or Finder, right-click (or control-click) on it and select “Eject.”

Delete DMG

You can safely delete the DMG file once you’ve ejected it and no longer need it.

If you encounter any issues or the DMG file contains encrypted or protected content, you might need to enter a password or utilize specialized software provided by the file’s creator. In addition, DMG files can sometimes include data or documents instead of applications, which means that the process of opening them may vary depending on what they contain. It’s important to note that DMG files are designed specifically for macOS and cannot be opened on Windows without using third-party software.

Best DMG File Opener To Open DMG Files

If you’re having trouble opening your DMG file on Windows or Mac, there are a few DMG extractors for Windows that can help.

1. The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver is a free and open-source program for macOS that allows you to open and extract files from different archive formats easily. This DMG file opener will enable users to easily extract and view the contents of compressed files, making it more convenient to handle archived data. In summary, “The Unarchiver” is a versatile and intuitive program that enhances macOS’ ability to manage archives, allowing users to handle various compressed file formats effortlessly.

2. 7-Zip


7-Zip is a free third-party archiver highly recommended for opening DMG files on Windows. It offers various features like splitting archives, password protection, and more. In addition, 7-Zip can be used to extract most zipped file formats. Here are a few examples: ZIP, ISO, CAB, RAR, BZIP2, XZ, GZIP, DMG, TAR, and WIM. In addition, it provides the option to create compressed files in various formats such as ZIP, WIM, 7z, and more. It is compatible with all versions of Windows and offers a high compression ratio. Batch file extraction is also supported. You can extract multiple DMG files simultaneously with this feature. You can also connect this program with Windows Explorer. With this feature, you can quickly extract files from DMG files by simply right-clicking on them.

3. DMG Extractor

DMG Extractor

DMG Extractor is a popular tool for quickly opening and browsing DMG files. This extractor tool has a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to open DMG files on Windows. In addition, it can quickly extract the package and open DMG files on Windows. You can effortlessly open encrypted and unencrypted files with just a few simple clicks. This tool can extract DMG files of any size, including those larger than 4 GB. Unfortunately, there is a limitation where you can only extract 5 files simultaneously. Extracting an entire DMG file is challenging. In addition, this solution can be downloaded and used for free. During the process, no specialized knowledge or advanced skills are necessary. It is incredibly light so that it won’t slow down your computer.

4. PeaZip


PeaZip is a free open-source DMG file opener that is available for Windows. This tool efficiently extracts archive files with its convenient drag-and-drop extraction feature. This software makes it a breeze to extract DMG files from the internet. Additionally, it allows you to easily create, manage, and extract archives in various formats. In addition, PeaZip can be used by both Linux and Windows users to open DMG files on Mac. In addition, there is no need for any additional installation. It can perform multiple tasks with archive files in a single process.

Additionally, it uses two-factor authentication and ensures the security of your data with password protection. PeaZip offers a wide range of valuable features. Here are some examples: Scheduling, System Benchmarking, Password Manager, Random Password Generator, Compression, and Web Search. In addition, the additional features of this software function effectively.

5. SysTools DMG File Extractor

SysTools DMG File Extractor

The SysTools extractor is a top choice for opening DMG files. This application is designed for Windows users who want to easily navigate, read, and extract information from DMG data files. Download and use the DMG File Extractor for free on different Windows platforms. Due to its efficiency and security, Many prefer using this tool to open DMG files on both Mac and Windows. Additionally, it provides numerous impressive features. One notable feature is its ability to generate a comprehensive report on the success and failure of extractions.

Additionally, it can extract multiple DMG files at once, including zipped and read-only files. Multiple search options are available to explore the package’s contents. DMG File Extractor is a program designed to be user-friendly and packed with powerful functions.

6. Unzipper


Unzipper is a highly efficient DMG file opener that can easily extract files from the internet. This powerful tool makes unzipping DMG files simple and straightforward. Additionally, it provides a simple and uncomplicated user interface. You can also set up automatic extractions so that it will be extracted when you double-click on a zipped file. It is a highly effective and free tool that can open DMG files on both Mac and Windows.

7. Zipware


Zipware is a convenient and user-friendly DMG extractor that is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. This DMG file opener is designed to be straightforward and efficient. It not only opens files quickly but also creates and encrypts archives. Organize your files and folders by archiving them in a single archive folder. It can create archives in ZIP, 7Z, and EXE formats. In addition, it uses the AES-256 and ZipCrypto algorithms to encrypt archives. Before encrypting the file, you can enter a password for encrypted archives. Access to the encrypted archives is restricted to authorized individuals only. Zipware is compatible with various file formats, including RAR5 and DMG archives. In addition, it is capable of handling compression of multiple sizes. Zipware offers a wide range of features, making it convenient to use. These features include drag-and-drop support, password-protected file extraction, and virus scanning.

8. FreeViewer DMG File Extractor

FreeViewer DMG-File-Extractor

Follow simple instructions to begin using FreeViewer DMG File Extractor. The software is highly efficient and lightweight, even in its free version. Before making a purchase, give the free version a try. In addition, this DMG file opener offers a wide range of valuable and fascinating features, including the option to extract multiple files simultaneously.

Additionally, it can create editable versions of hidden image files. Filters can enhance your search within the pack. After that, select the data and save it on the Windows device. FreeViewer DMG File Extractor is compatible with all versions of Windows.

9. Disk Utility

Disk Utility

The Disk program is a convenient built-in feature in macOS that allows users to manage their disks, partitions, and storage devices easily. Although its primary function is not explicitly geared toward opening or extracting DMG (Disk Image) files, it can still be used for various DMG-related tasks. Although Disk Utility can handle DMG files and perform certain functions on them, it falls short in terms of functionality and user-friendliness compared to dedicated third-party tools such as “The Unarchiver” or “DMG Extractor.” If your primary purpose is to open and extract the contents of DMG files, you might find a specialist tool more convenient.

Final Words

Here’s a simple guide on extracting and accessing DMG file contents on both Windows and Mac computers. If you need to open DMG files, the DMG file openers mentioned above will help you do so without any errors. In addition, many of them offer free initial access to the tool. We trust that our article was of assistance to you. Please share your thoughts about DMG File Opener in the comments section below.

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