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How to STOP ads on Facebook

STOP ads on Facebook: Browsing through Facebook can be quite a hassle, especially when constantly bombarded with ads. Ads pop up everywhere you go on the internet. It’s evident on Facebook that you can’t watch a video without encountering a mid-video ad. Regrettably, more than simply relying on your account settings is required.

Facebook has become a widely used social media platform, although its excessive use of advertisements has led to a recent decline in its user base. If you want to stick with Facebook, you may wonder how to stop those pesky ads.

How To Turn Off Facebook Ads with an Ad Blocker

Facebook’s audience network uses targeted advertisements to maximize return on investment. These types of ads are highly effective and have a strong impact on consumer behavior. You might have bought things you didn’t need due to these advertisements.

You have a variety of options when it comes to downloading ad blockers. All of these ad blockers have their advantages and disadvantages, but they share a similar design. However, we prefer using Total Adblock software.

How To STOP ads on Facebook Using Total Ad Blocker

Total Adblocker software effectively blocks all unwanted ads on the pages of your choice. Eliminating banners, pop-ups, and video ads will significantly improve page loading speed, providing a smooth web browsing experience and conserving battery life. Furthermore, the ad blocker included in this product will shield you from third-party trackers, ensuring your privacy and safeguarding your information.

1. Visit and easily install the extension for your preferred browser.

2. You can find extensions for popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Opera.

3. Please proceed with the software installation.

4. Choose the option that says “Start Blocking Ads.”

5. AdBlocker blocks banner and video ads while you browse the internet.

Please be aware that there is a cost associated with it. Additionally, Total AV provides a complimentary trial period of seven days, enabling you to assess its performance before making a decision.

How To Block Facebook Video Ads

A lot of Facebook users find it annoying when a video they’re watching gets interrupted by an ad. This new feature on Facebook doesn’t enhance user engagement at all.

Here are some simple steps to STOP ads on Facebook Video:

Update Account Settings for Ad Preferences

Customize your preferences in the settings menu (under Ads>Ad Preferences) to ensure you only see ads relevant to your interests. However, you can still see advertisements, but only relevant ones.

Skip Workaround

Naturally, it’s ideal to avoid the start of ads. For this method to be effective, it is essential to act quickly. Just click on the comments when you see the ad playing. Once you’re there, click on any profile you come across. Clicking on this will direct you to their profile page. Hit the back button, and your ad will disappear, allowing your video to resume where you left off.

Employ Your Favorite Ad Blocker

An effective ad blocker can help you eliminate those pesky ads from your Facebook videos. It’s more convenient than visiting individual profile pages for each video and much more enjoyable than enduring ads, regardless of relevance.

Ad Blocker on Mobile Device

Make sure the blocker you choose for Facebook on mobile devices is compatible with phones. Some perform well on PC but struggle on Android or iOS.

Rooting Your Android

If you want to have an ad blocker on your Android, you should root your phone. If the ad blocker isn’t working, no matter what you do, rooting your mobile device can help open it up and allow the ad blocker to function properly.

Use Your PC

If you want to avoid the risk of turning your phone into a useless brick, using your PC is a safer option.

If you want to watch a video on Facebook, open your browser on your PC and enjoy it there. Your ad blocker is designed to ensure seamless video playback without any interruptions.

What does Targeted Advertising on Facebook mean? Understanding the Mechanics of Targeted Advertisements

A targeted ad displays advertisements tailored to your browsing and search history, as well as your interests and preferences. It increases the likelihood of the ad being effective in selling you something. Advertisers on Facebook display ads based on the products you can see on the platform.

They have access to your viewing history, including the duration of each video. Consequently, they can fine-tune their advertisements to ensure you only get ads that are most likely to convince you to purchase.

In addition, Facebook’s default settings enable them to use your activity data to display personalized advertisements. This option can be disabled, but it is enabled by default.

How Can Users Change Facebook Ads Preferences?

If you want to modify your Facebook ad preferences, here’s how you can do it. With this solution, you’ll be able to conceal advertisements easily. Luckily, adjusting ad settings or preferences is a simple process that we can guide you through efficiently.

1. To begin, open Facebook to change your Facebook ad preferences.

2. There are various options available on the left side of your Facebook page. Click on the ads column located on the left side.

3. After selecting the ads column, you’ll find different sections to click on. Go to the Your Interests section.

4. By selecting this section, you will see a comprehensive list of ad topics for Facebook users. Explore the pre-set categories or customize your advertising experience to suit your preferences.

5. Users can easily view the Facebook advertisers who receive their information in the Advertiser section.

6. By choosing the Your Information section, you can manage the level of privacy for your information. Adjust the switch to select the information that Facebook can receive from you.

7. You can quickly check the Ad Settings section to see which companies can access your Facebook profile information and are using it to target ads.

8. It’s recommended to visit the Hide Ad Topics section for the best solution. Choose the topics you prefer not to see in ads.

Other Methods to STOP ads on Facebook

You can also block Facebook ads using your browser. Specific browsers have built-in ad blockers that are highly effective at stopping advertisements.

UC Browser is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy uninterrupted videos. Consider using Brave Browser as an alternative to avoid the hassle of downloading an ad blocker.

In addition, you can disable the Facebook page feature that utilizes your likes to advertise to your friends and family. You can either completely disable it or restrict it to your friends only.


Are Facebook Ads Dangerous?

Advertisements on Facebook or Facebook company products are not inherently risky. An ad you come across while scrolling through Facebook will not impact your physical well-being. Nevertheless, there are additional concrete risks associated with Facebook ads.

Some ads may not stand out but aim to sell you something. Therefore, every advertisement poses a risk to your financial success ☺. It’s hard to escape the influence of advertisements, as they have a way of swaying our purchasing decisions. Avoiding ads altogether is the most effective way to prevent spending money on advertisements.

Are Ad Blockers Legal?

Indeed, ad blockers are perfectly legal. Are ad blockers legal? Using an ad blocker to STOP ads on Facebook or any other website could lead to trouble. Luckily, there’s no need for concern. You can use ad blockers as they are legal and free.

Using an ad blocker does not pose any legal concerns for you. There are various ad blockers available online that you can use. However, we suggest sticking to the top options we discussed earlier. These options are highly recommended and have a low risk of infecting your computer.

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