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10 Best Free Logo Makers in 2024

If you need a logo design in a hurry, a free logo maker is a great option. It’s important to note that better tools exist for creating professional logos for clients. You’ll need to use the best logo designer tool available. Free logo creators can be helpful if you’re looking for inspiration or a fast design solution for a small business or personal project.

It’s similar to using an AI tool such as Midjourney or ChatGPT. The outcomes are frequently unsatisfactory, but they sometimes turn out acceptable. Regardless, they can assist in sparking your creative thinking. Here is a collection of the top free logo designer tools available. We have personally tested all of these programs to assess their user-friendliness, features, and the accuracy of their results.

Remember that for most of these entries, we’re referring to free plans on paid platforms. As a result, certain features are exclusive to paying users, and in many instances, you’ll only have access to a limited version of your completed design unless you pay.

10 Best Free Logo Makers in 2024

1. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Do you want to avoid sifting through countless templates and searching for the perfect logo for your brand? The Logo Maker from Tailor Brands offers a simplified, step-by-step process. It begins by requesting your ‘logo name’ (a bit odd to phrase it, but it refers to your business name). Then, it prompts you to choose between an icon, text, or initial-based logo. After that, it determines your preferred design style by having you select three options from a somewhat limited range (curiously, you must choose three).

After receiving the necessary details, we immediately start designing your logo. You have the option to customize it according to your preferences. Once satisfied with the design, you can download a free low-resolution version or purchase high-resolution files. Remember that the free file you receive is relatively small, measuring 192 pixels along its longest edge. It should suffice if you want something suitable for an app store or a small website badge. However, if you require a larger size, you must be prepared to spend some money.

However, if you choose to upgrade, Tailor Brands can provide you with a convenient solution for starting and managing your business. They offer a platform to help you create merchandise, business cards, and social media templates all in one place. Additionally, it can assist you in making your own space on the internet, complete with an online store or website, web hosting, a business mailbox, and other features. The customization options are limited, and the designs may not be award-winning, but they are sufficient for small businesses.


2. Adobe Express

Adobe Express, a free tool offered by Adobe, provides several options for logo creation. One option is to browse various templates, select the one that appeals to you, and then personalize it to your liking. Another option is to create a logo from scratch. We discovered that this alternative offers greater flexibility and room for creativity compared to Wix and Tailored Brands. However, it falls short in terms of the wide array of tools available in comprehensive graphic design software and needs the freehand drawing feature found in Canva.

You can upload your assets, which is not available in the free version of Canva. Additionally, you have the option to include stock photos or utilize the Adobe Firefly AI-powered text-to-image generator for generating images. However, it takes time to envision a scenario where incorporating an AI image into a logo design would be desirable.

In general, the templates and icons available are quite basic. Moreover, one of the major benefits of Adobe Express is its ability to be used to design various elements beyond logos. And you’ll likely require additional design pieces for your business.


3. LogoMakr

LogoMakr is a tool that provides multiple options for logo creation. Numerous templates are available for customization, or you can create your own design from scratch using an open canvas. This option is similar to Ucraft’s Logo Maker but offers a wider range of tools and options. The interface was user-friendly and easy to navigate, even with the added options. Shapes, icons, or freehand drawings are all options available to you. There is also a paint bucket tool similar to the one in Paint and a good selection of fonts.

The customization options offer greater flexibility compared to other programs we tested. You can adjust the number of sides in shapes, alter their angles, and remove specific sections. It would be even better if it allowed gradients in addition to flat fills, but unfortunately, you can’t have everything. Additionally, the platform provides various tools, such as an icon maker, that enable you to transform your raster designs into vector icons.

Unfortunately, the free option on this platform only provides a relatively small version of your finished design (250px PNG). For a price of $21, you can download it in larger sizes and in SVG and PDF formats.


4. Canva Logo Maker

Canva offers many design tools and has recently added new features to enhance the user experience. This tool is the best choice if you’re looking for a logo maker that offers extensive customization options. While it may not be interesting if you only need a logo, it stands out as the top logo maker on our list.

It offers a template-based approach that allows you to select your preferred style instead of attempting to generate a suitable option by asking a few questions. Additionally, you can sketch by hand and incorporate various shapes and text. We appreciated the flexibility during our testing, as it allowed for more creativity in design compared to other options we’ve tried. It resulted in the ability to create something more unique.

It can be helpful if you already have a design you want to replicate. I quickly created a design resembling the Creative Bloq logo in just a few seconds. Alternatively, I achieved a similar result using Microsoft Paint. We also appreciated the collaborative features. We can easily share the design we’re working on with others, allowing them to provide feedback or make contributions.

A downside is that it can be easy to get lost in the numerous templates available, as they are not organized in any specific manner. You have to search by trying different keywords in the search field. If you need more clarification about your desired outcome, it can be challenging to determine where to begin. If you are aware, you may need clarification about locating it.

For those looking for more options, there is the option to upgrade and access a wider range of premium elements. However, even in the free tier, you can still accomplish quite a bit. One drawback you may encounter is the inability to create a logo with a transparent background in the free tier. This feature requires a paid subscription. After completing your work, you can download your final logo in various formats, such as a 500px PNG or JPEG or a print-ready PDF, at no cost.


5. Wix Logo Maker

You can hire a professional designer to create your logo when using Wix. It is recommended if you want to establish a strong brand for your business, especially if you’re new to logo design. However, if you’re looking for top-notch free logo software (which we assume you are), Wix also offers that.

We’ve highlighted Wix’s tool as ideal for beginners due to its user-friendly, step-by-step approach. The process begins by requesting some fundamental details about your business. Additionally, it can provide suggestions for business names and taglines, even if you have yet to reach that point. I wouldn’t rely on AI to make such a crucial decision, but it could provide insights on what to avoid, considering that the suggestions often tend to be cliched.

During our testing, we discovered that Wix offers various suggestions for icons, colors, and fonts in different styles, making it easy to get started. It is helpful for beginners because it will enable you to explore and evaluate various options for your logo. Some software, such as Tailor Brands below, require you to choose your icon immediately, avoiding an overwhelming influx of inspiration.

After completing the process, you will have your very own personalized logo that can be easily modified to match your desired appearance. Once you’ve finished, you can easily download image files of your logo design. Keep in mind that if you require a higher-resolution version, there may be a cost associated with it.


6. Hatchful

If you’re looking for a user-friendly logo maker with various export options, Shopify’s Hatchful is worth considering. It provides a comprehensive package of exported files for a free program, including logo versions already sized for various social media platforms and a transparent, high-resolution PNG.

It’s very user-friendly, although a bit too straightforward. Similar to Wix and Tailor Brands, you simply answer a few straightforward questions about your business and select a logo that appeals to you. That’s all there is to it. You can customize the icon, font, and color after. The spacing and sizing of the elements in many of the designs I was offered could have been better, and unfortunately, I couldn’t modify them or any other design elements. The selection of icons is also quite limited.

Creating an account is necessary to export your design, but don’t worry; it’s free. You’ll receive a folder in your email inbox shortly.


7. Ucraft Logo Maker

If you prefer to create your logo, Ucraft’s Logo Maker allows you to build it from scratch, allowing you to customize it to your liking. It’s a straightforward vector editor with a small selection of shapes, fonts, and icons that you can easily combine and rearrange.

We discovered that Ucraft may require more design expertise to fully utilize its features, as it needs the hand-holding and templates provided by other logo makers. If you had to stop reading to search for the meaning of ‘vector editor,’ this may not be the best fit for you.

Creating a logo can be a time-consuming process. However, during our testing, we discovered a significant advantage: the ability to easily align and resize elements to your liking. It allows for greater flexibility in creating a well-balanced design. The choices are quite simple, making it very user-friendly. The simplified user interface makes it effortless to locate items, and we discovered that moving elements forward or backward is straightforward and intuitive.

We preferred to have a few additional options for customizing the shapes. It is impossible to round a square’s borders or add a border. To access those features, you can use Canva or Adobe Express, as mentioned earlier. Download your completed logo for free as a 600px PNG, or opt for the $7 option to receive a scalable SVG file for various sizes.


8. DesignEvo Free Logo Maker

Are you looking for a way to have more flexibility in your decision-making process when selecting a free logo maker? With DesignEvo’s Free Logo Maker, you can work in your way. Explore over 6,000 templates for a quick start on your design, or start from scratch with a blank layout. Create your logo using symbols, shapes, and fonts. After completing your task, you can quickly get a free low-resolution PNG logo measuring 300 pixels if you require a scalable vector version, prices for such start at $24.99.


9. MarkMaker

Introducing another fantastic free logo maker that takes care of all the work for you. This one does everything for you without any customization options. MarkMaker makes it easy for you to get started. All you need to do is provide your business name, and it will generate a variety of logo suggestions for you. What’s great is that you can simply click on the ones you like to show your appreciation, and it will generate more similar options as you scroll down.

In theory, this method offers a simple and efficient way to find a logo design you like. Just scroll down and click on the designs that catch your eye. Regrettably, we have noticed that the designs often need better quality. There is some unusual kerning and stretching of text, which can sometimes result in logotypes that are difficult to read. With a little patience, you might stumble upon something that catches your interest. You can download your logo in a PNG or SVG format; the best part is that both options are completely free. This logo maker is the only one on the free list. It allows you to resize SVG files and even accepts donations.

10. Free Logo Design

The drag-and-drop software offers a wide selection of free logo maker templates for you to choose from. Start by entering the business’s name, selecting a business type from the various categories, and then patiently wait for the software to generate multiple fresh logo designs.

After completing the procedure, users can select their preferred options. After choosing the final design, customers can make custom changes to strengthen their brand identity. Downloading a high-resolution logo image is a one-time cost of $39.


How to choose the best free logo maker

Before choosing a free logo maker, it’s essential to consider a few important factors. Please evaluate the features and process of the logo maker to ensure they align with your specific requirements. What are your goals and aims for the final design? These are some excellent questions to consider. Who are you trying to reach? Which brand values should be portrayed? How will people see your logo? What is the goal of the logo?

After completing the task, take a look at the customization choices. Top-notch free logo makers provide a variety of fonts, colors, and icons to customize your design. Find a platform that gives you complete control over your logo, allowing you to adjust its size, placement, orientation, and color palette.

Furthermore, evaluate the templates’ quality. We offer various templates to inspire and suit different industries and styles. Ensure the templates are contemporary and easily customized to match your brand’s unique identity.

Lastly, take into account the quality of the output and the available format options. The logo maker should provide the option to download your design in high resolution and offer various file formats for flexible use on digital and print platforms.

How we tested the best free logo makers

Like any design software, creating a list of the top free logo makers requires a comprehensive testing process. We assess the user interface to ensure it is easy to use and understand, accommodating users with different levels of design knowledge. Creating professional logos should be a breeze with a logo maker.

In addition, we evaluate the level of customization available, allowing users to adjust every aspect to match their brand’s identity easily. We seek platforms that offer contemporary templates of excellent quality, suitable for a wide range of industries and design preferences. We also consider the quality of the output and carefully examine each tool for any potential hidden costs or limitations in the free version.


Are there any completely free logo makers?

Many of the logo makers we’ve listed above offer a free option but remember that the free version usually only allows you to download a small version of your design, usually around 250px. This option is suitable for small-scale uses like social media avatars or favicons. However, more than that may be required for larger applications such as posters, merchandise, or anything that involves resizing.

Typically, you’ll want your logo in a vector file format such as SVG or EPS. Vector files enable you to effortlessly adjust the size of your design without any distortion or loss of quality. However, one logo maker in our list currently provides a free SVG file. MarkMaker, however, ranks at the bottom of our list due to inconsistent results.

Fortunately, the majority of the other logo makers on the list allow you to access all or most of their tools freely. It will enable you to preview their capabilities and ensure your satisfaction with the design before making any payment to download the final version. In most cases, the price to download the design is quite affordable, especially compared to purchasing more advanced software. It’s essential to remember that certain logo makers may have restrictions on the tools available in their free versions.

Do free logo makers provide satisfactory results?

Although an online logo maker can only partially replace the expertise of a skilled graphic designer, free logo makers can serve as helpful starting points; if you’re a small business starting and need more resources to hire a designer, they can offer ideas and even create a finished design to meet your needs.

We have compiled a list of well-known free logo makers, including Wix, Ucraft, and Canva. It can be used for commercial purposes. There may be instances where you’ll be required to make payments to access all the features or download your logo design in a suitable size.

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