Lore Olympus Netflix – Everything You Need To Know

Lore Olympus is a well-known webcomic created by Rachel Smythe. It first appeared on the Webtoon platform in March 2018. The series is a modern version of the Hades and Persephone story, taking place in a world where Greek gods live in today’s world.

Rachel Smythe’s storytelling and unique art style quickly attracted a large following. The story explores themes like love, relationships, trauma, and personal growth, making it relatable to many readers.

The Premise of Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus Netflix

Lore Olympus is a modern retelling of the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone, but it’s not just a basic retelling. The story happens in a world with two realms: Olympus, a bright and modern world where the gods live, and the Underworld, a big city underground where the souls of the dead and other deities reside.

The story begins with Persephone and Hades meeting by chance, and they start to feel drawn to each other. But the series goes beyond their romance. It explores independence, agreement, emotional distress, and self-improvement topics. The central theme of Persephone’s story is her transformation from innocence to realizing her strength and power. Similarly, Hades’ struggle with loneliness and his desire for genuine connection are important aspects of the story.

The art style is lively, with characters shown in colors that match their personalities or roles. For example, Persephone is depicted in pink shades and Hades in cool blues. The tone combines romance, drama, comedy, and moments of darkness.

Will there be a Lore Olympus Anime?

In 2018, there was news about a Lore Olympus anime coming out. Since the news, there have been no important updates on the matter. Rumors say Netflix is making an anime version of Lore Olympus. It might be released in May 2022. But the anime show has yet to appear. We’ll have to wait and see if it happens.

What can you expect from the Lore Olympus anime?

We have yet to predict what to expect from the Lore Olympus anime. Netflix still needs to provide information about the anime show’s release date, plot, or trailer. The anime version of Lore Olympus will likely focus on Persephone destroying a village to get the sacred flower.

When will the Lore Olympus anime be released?

The release date for the Lore Olympus anime has yet to be announced. Netflix may stream the animated version of the story—however, the details of the “what” and “when” are still unknown.

While waiting for Lore Olympus, which Netflix animes should I watch?

You can watch many shows on Netflix while waiting for the release of the Lore Olympus anime. Here are a few of them:

One Piece

The story is about Monkey D. Luffy, a young pirate who can stretch his body like rubber. He gained this power after eating the Gomu Gomu no Mi fruit. Luffy leads a group of pirates called the Straw Hat Pirates. They are on a challenging journey across the Grand Line to find the famous treasure called “One Piece.” He can only become the Pirate King, then. They encounter obstacles such as formidable foes, government agencies, and age-old enigmas during their journey.

Chainsaw Man

The story is about Denji, a young devil hunter struggling. He has debt and feels lost in life. He owns a pet devil-dog named Pochita. When he pulls a cord on his chest, Pochita merges with him, and he becomes “Chainsaw Man.” A devil-hunting organization recruits Denji after an unexpected event.

Record of Ragnarok

In the series, every 1,000 years, gods from different mythologies come together to determine what happens to humanity. This time, they choose destruction. But, the Valkyrie Brunhild suggests a final opportunity for humans: a tournament called Ragnarok. It will be a one-on-one battle between 13 gods and 13 of humanity’s greatest warriors from history. To be spared, humans must win 7 out of 13 matches. If not, they will be wiped out.


This webtoon is about Daniel Park, a high school student from South Korea. He was bullied because of his looks. One day, he wakes up with a second body that is very attractive. He begins living two lives, switching between his original and new bodies.

Final Words

The release date for the Lore Olympus anime show on Netflix is unknown. But when there is news, you can find it here.

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