Ludo Mania: How to Improve Your Skills and Conquer the Virtual Board

A few games rule the modern world of mobile gaming. One such classic board game is Ludo. This old game is played on a Ludo board, a die and a set of tokens of different colors. Every time you roll a die, the outcome will be different, making it very interesting. You use the roll outcomes to move your tokens on the board to finish the race and capture others’ tokens. The whole world knows how popular this game is. We play this game in our leisure or even in social events. You will be surprised to learn that the mobile apps conduct exclusive competitions and daily contests worldwide. Players from all over the world participate in these contests and battle for substantial cash rewards If you are a Ludo fan and want to take your skills to the next level, follow these methods.

Ways to Improve Your Ludo Skills

1. Concentrate on learning the Ludo rules first

You will obviously have to choose a mobile app to play this board game online. As mentioned earlier, the duration of most versions differs from physical Ludo. So, you will have to implement what you have learned previously while playing the physical version while playing this game online. After choosing an app, check the list of Ludo variants offered. The most popular apps provide a comprehensive guide to explain the Ludo rules of a particular variant. Study these rules word by word and understand how to play this game accordingly. Your level of understanding will decide how you develop your skills to win.

2. Understand how online Ludo varies from Physical Ludo

Your first step will be to understand how the online versions of Ludo are different from the physical ones. You already know how long it takes to complete a physical Ludo game with four players. All the players will have to take their tokens to the home position and will try to take down others on the path. Online versions vary a little in terms of the game duration. The prime attention these versions have paid is to the duration of a match. Some variants offer limited moves to complete and decide a winner based on the points gained to move tokens. Some variants allow rolling two dice at the same time to move tokens. So, your prime focus will be to learn the difference between online and physical Ludo and get habituated with

3. Study different Ludo strategies

Even an experienced Ludo player will fail a novice player who has an excellent strategy to implement. How can you define one? To do so, you must expose yourself to gameplay and play against expert players. If you want to design your strategy, here are the best ways.

● Watch videos on YouTube and check how expert players play Ludo online. Learn from their moves and observe how they move their tokens on the virtual board.

● Read blogs and learn how to play a particular Ludo variant online. You will find good reads online to upscale your wisdom in this game.

● Become a part of online Ludo communities. Talk to the professional Ludo players who have garnered acclamation by winning online tournaments. The more you interact with them, the better you will understand their approach.

● Finally, play with real players on a gaming app in your free time. This way, you can keep developing your skills by gathering experience.

4. Define your winning moves

The Ludo app user interface is designed so that you can easily use the controls to roll a die and move tokens. So, what are skills made of? Your skills will focus on finding the best possible moves to use your dice roll outcomes. Your skill is to decide whether to attack opponents tokens or take your token to the finishing line. It is your decisions that will determine the moves. You can use it here to define your winning moves as a beginner.

● Always try to unlock all your tokens. Whenever you roll a six, try to open a token and move.

● Spread out your tokens throughout the board. It helps in gaining immense control over the entire board. The opponents will be in a dilemma to move their tokens.

● Don’t let your tokens accumulate in the safe zones. One token is enough to block the opponent’s tokens in each safe zone. If you think your token is intimidated by two tokens of an opponent in the same safe zone, try bringing another one or take a leap of faith.

● Use safe zones properly in the gameplay. You will find marked zones where you can store your tokens and wait for the right moment to move or attack opponents.

● Understand the scoring system to learn how to score more than the opponents. In this way, you can use every dice roll optimally.

5. Observe how the opponents are playing

Every Ludo match provides an opportunity to learn. Observe the opponents and determine how skillfully they place their tokens on the board. Check how they balance risks with rewards. You will gain immense knowledge from their tactics. This board game is about probability and determining how the opponent will play the next move. Your anticipation level will increase, and you will automatically become better than the rest.

6. Planning makes you a winner

Anticipating opponents’ moves and taking preventive measures will make you a winner. Play safe by moving your tokens at least seven blocks away from every opponent’s tokens. Following this rule, your tokens will not be captured throughout the game. Take risks according to the situation and the dice roll outcomes. If you think one of your tokens is falling in the risk zone, sacrifice and move potential tokens to score more points.

Wrapping up: Keep Playing Ludo Online and Become an Expert

Practice will make you perfect. If you want to become a professional Ludo player online:

1. Keep practicing.

2. Sharpen your skills by playing Ludo offline with computer bots.

3. Once you have mastered the skills, dive into the competitions.

4. Participate in the high-stakes tables and show your mastery.

5. Learn from your mistakes and observe others to become a better player.

Keep patience on your side and become an expert in this classic board game.

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