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How To Quickly Fix PS5 DualSense Controller Drift Problem?

Sony had previously introduced the PS5, its next-gen console. The brand-new PS5 is a console that seems like a futuristic technology. The PS5 is anticipated to shape the future of video console consoles. Compared to prior systems, the new PS5 includes superior graphics technology and a lightning-fast SSD that loads games in only seconds. Even though the new PS5 has been popular, many users need help with controllers. A large number of DualSense PS5 controller users have reported experiencing drift issues. For those unaware, control or joystick drift is a problem in which the console recognizes analog stick motions even when the user is not using them. It’s a regular issue, but it might be the worst nightmare for PS5 enthusiasts.

How To Quickly Fix PS5 DualSense Controller Drift Problem?

If you’re also experiencing issues with PS5 controller drift when playing games, you will find assistance here. This post will discuss the most effective methods for resolving PS5 Controller Drift issues. But first, let’s examine the available solutions.

Clean DualSense Controller

PS5 DualSense Controller Drift

Well, if you are now experiencing drift issues, you must clean your DualSense Controller. This is one of the earliest and simplest tasks you could perform. If you’re an avid gamer, you must clean the controller to remove the gathered sweat and grime. To clean your PS5 controller, you must first deactivate the DualSense Controller. Next, you may employ any soft material, such as a cotton swab. Finally, if you have compressed air cans on hand, you can spray from a respectable distance to clean all dust materials gathered within the controller.

Update PS5 And PS5 Controller

PS5 DualSense Controller Drift

If you last upgraded your console or controller quite some time ago, you should do it immediately. Sony’s PS5 console and controller are kept up-to-date with regular upgrades, which is a nice feature. Unfortunately, the current firmware version of the PS5 is 20.02-02.50.00. If you are using outdated firmware, you may encounter problems such as Controller Drift. Follow the easy instructions provided below to update your PS5 controller.

1 – Navigate to Settings > Network. Disable the ‘Connect to the internet’ option under Network.

2 – Now, navigate to Settings > System > Date & Time. Change the date of the PS5 to the current date.

3 – Connect the PS5 DualSense Controller via USB to the console.

4 – Restart the PS5 and then update the controller.

That is all! You are done. After updating the DualSense Controller, now connect your PS5 to the internet.

Reset DualSense Controller

If you continue to experience controller drift after cleaning and updating your console, you must reset your DualSense Controller. It’s simple to reset the DualSense Controller; follow the procedures outlined below.

1 – Turn off the PS5 console.

2 – Now, examine the backside of your DualSense Controller. On the backside, there should be a little opening.

3 – The reset button is located beneath the little hole. Using a pin or other pointed instrument to press the reset button would be ideal. You may use a SIM ejector.

4 – To begin the reset procedure, you must keep the pin within the hole for at least 5 seconds.

5 – Connect the controller to the PS5 console via the USB cord and hit the PS button.

That is all! You are done. Now, continue using the controller. The issue with controller drift would no longer exist.

Reset Bluetooth

If you continue to have the Controller drift issue after experiencing the methods mentioned above, you must reset the Bluetooth. Bluetooth is the least likely cause of the controller drift, but you may still test this theory. Numerous users have claimed that restarting Bluetooth resolved the issue with controller drift.

1 – Navigate to Settings.

2 – On the Configuration screen, navigate to Accessories > General.

3 – Turn off Bluetooth and turn it back on using the General tab.

That is all! You are done. This is how to reset Bluetooth on a PS5 system.

The Controller Repaired Or Replaced By Sony

If you recently acquired a PS5 and have replaced the Controller drift issue, you must replace or have Sony repair your controller. If the console is new, the warranty term will still apply. Before opening the controller, contact Sony to make potential solutions. If you purchased a PS5 from a local store, you must contact the retailer for instructions on acquiring a replacement.


These are the most effective solutions for the PS5 controller drift problem. I hope this post was helpful! Please also share with your friends. If you have any questions regarding this, please leave a comment below.

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