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10 Best Free AI Art Generator Apps for Text to Image Creation

Best Free AI Art Generator Apps for Text to Image Creation: Thanks to AI’s growing popularity, there has been a surge in AI art generator apps. These apps have become a trend, allowing people to unleash their creativity without requiring extensive drawing and editing skills. While AI-generated images cannot replace the art created by humans, they offer an enjoyable means of exploring different designs and styles. Deciding on the right AI art generator app can be overwhelming, especially with the increasing popularity of AI technology. Continue reading to learn about the top 10 AI art generator apps that can produce new images using your text!

What Is an AI Art Generator?

An AI art generator uses artificial neural networks, a form of machine learning, to transform your text input into an image. Many people can use the apps to view their selfies or create images in different styles. These models utilize pre-existing artwork to customize images and generate diverse styles, making ethical usage crucial.

How To Choose the Best AI Art Generator App

In addition to generating AI-generated images from text, the other features of the AI art generator app are essential. AI art generator apps vary in terms of their tools and quality level. Before you proceed with the download, take a moment to consider the following:

  • Image quality and clarity
  • User-friendly interface
  • Plan pricing
  • AI styles and variety
  • Additional features beyond generating images

1. Vivid AI

Vivid AI’s Text-to-Image Generator transforms text into stunning images featuring various artistic styles, including cartoon, pop, and steampunk. With just one text input, users can generate four distinct visuals. It’s a tool that makes it easy to unleash your creativity.

Vivid AI’s AI Outfit Feature uses advanced technology to create personalized clothing suggestions. It considers your preferences, the weather, and current fashion trends. Whether you’re looking for a sexy swimsuit, a black tie outfit, or a matching mommy-and-me ensemble, our random outfit generator has you covered. It makes choosing outfits easier and effortlessly sparks creativity.

Vivid AI offers a wide range of AI tools, including AI replace. This tool functions similarly to the generative fill feature in Photoshop but without any cost. It effortlessly simplifies removing objects, ensuring even rough outlines are refined with precision. Choose from different styles and create up to three elements at once. Discover a world of design possibilities with simple and user-friendly text prompts.

AI Sketch, a fantastic AI tool from Vivid AI, effortlessly turns your photos into beautiful sketches, capturing the essence of the original with a touch of sophistication. Discover a wide range of artistic styles, such as oil painting, graffiti, and crayon, offering limitless creative potential for your images.

2. Fotor

Fotor offers a variety of trendy AI art effects, such as cyberpunk, to create your next image. Using your chosen keywords and phrases inspires art from renowned artists like Picasso and Van Gogh. Additionally, it offers various AI tools, such as retouching and photo enlarger, which can assist you in enhancing your images.

3. AI Arta

AI Arta offers a variety of art styles, each with varying levels of complexity. The app becomes more focused when you input your preferences, and its lifelike drawings provide an enjoyable means of exploring various art techniques, even through basic pencil sketches.

4. WOMBO Dream

With WOMBO Dream, you can experiment with various art styles and unleash creativity. By inputting a string of keywords, you can completely transform the art’s appearance. Changing one keyword can give it a unique look that matches lyrics, poems, zodiac signs, etc.

5. Lensa

Lensa creates a variety of avatars using the images you provide. There are different styles, and the app will generate new images of you based on your selected looks. Regrettably, Lensa requires payment to generate your AI art.

6. Wonder

Wonder allows you to input a single word or use a keyword phrase to generate AI-generated text for the image. Similar to other apps, you have the option to select from a variety of styles before describing the image you desire. However, Wonder also offers the unique feature of generating art without any specific style, resulting in a delightful creative surprise!

7. UniDream AI

If you need a fast and straightforward AI art model, UniDream AI is a great choice. While it may not match the realism and quality of PhotoDirector and other AI art apps, it does offer the convenience of responding to simple prompts. If you’re seeking more variety, consider using a different app since this one primarily creates anime-style avatars.

8. Starryai

With Starryai, you can quickly generate a new AI image using emojis without needing additional keywords. It excels in capturing scenery, although it can’t transform your photos into AI avatars like PhotoDirector does. However, it does produce breathtaking scenes, ranging from futuristic streets to vibrant, surreal images.

9. Imgit

Imgit allows you to generate AI art by using specific keywords. It will also enable you to input song lyrics to explore the vibes created by your favorite music. This is great for creating a new phone wallpaper. You have the option to select from 8 unique styles.

10. PhotoDirector

PhotoDirector is a highly versatile AI art generator app with its wide range of AI features. Our platform provides a convenient and efficient way to edit your photos. With all the necessary tools in one place, you can quickly generate stylized photos and enhance your snaps using smart tools.

PhotoDirector’s “Text to Image” feature is a popular AI art generator app that allows users to convert text into various artworks using eight styles easily. The app is known for its carefully selected text prompts, which encourage creativity, and its customizable settings, making it a must-have for users who want a smooth and personalized artistic experience.

PhotoDirector is excellent at transforming photos into various stunning AI styles, including Fairy, Vector Art, Graffiti, and more. Feel free to specify your preferred style by entering a custom prompt. The adaptability of this also applies to interior design, offering endless possibilities for creating personalized and captivating living spaces.

PhotoDirector also offers an impressive AI fashion feature: a random outfit generator. Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration or want to make a statement at a special event, our AI fashion feature offers a variety of clothing and accessories that match your style.

PhotoDirector offers 13 AI avatar styles for creating a personalized profile picture. Upload your selfies and let the AI generate images of you in the styles you prefer. Feel free to experiment with classic or fantasy avatar looks!

PhotoDirector offers a convenient text-to-sticker feature with a variety of styles. You can create stickers using 3D, realistic, pop art, watercolor, and hand-drawn styles. Best of all, you can use this feature up to five times every day. Looking for some inspiration on how to transform text into images? Just tap the lightbulb icon to receive sticker prompts before you begin.

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