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How to Watch Cartoons Online For Free?

If you enjoy watching cartoons and want to watch your favorite animated shows in high definition for free, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we have gathered the top 11 websites where you can watch cartoons online for free. These websites have a wide range of classic and modern cartoons available in high-definition (HD) quality. Whether you enjoy old cartoon classics like Looney Tunes or the latest anime releases, these platforms have covered you. There are no subscriptions or fees, just pure cartoon fun. Let’s explore online cartoon streaming!

10 Best Websites to Watch Cartoons Online for Free in HD

You can watch cartoons online for free in HD on the websites below without spending money on TV subscriptions.

1. AnimeFreak


AnimeFreak is an excellent website for watching cartoons online. One great thing is that you won’t get any annoying ads while watching, making it safe for users. The website has a great collection of HD-quality anime movies and series. This site has a diverse collection of anime in Japanese and Chinese languages.


1. The site has new content every day.

2. Enjoy uninterrupted anime viewing without annoying advertisements.

3. AnimeFreak has faster streaming speeds than many other anime websites.

2. Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network HQ

Cartoon Network is a popular platform with an extensive collection of well-known cartoon characters. They offer the latest episodes for free, but with ads. It appeals to everyone and provides a wide range of animated entertainment, making it a popular destination. The active fan discussions and community engagement make the viewing experience more meaningful.


1. We have an extensive collection of beloved cartoon characters.

2. New episodes are released weekly.

3. Apps are available for both TVs and mobile devices.

4. Join fan discussions and communities.

3. Crackle


Crackle is a free streaming service by Sony. It lets you watch cartoons online featuring various current and classic characters from different studios. The best part is you can access it without having to register. It updates content regularly, provides a lineup of channels, and has a convenient sleep timer feature.


1. They regularly add new titles to keep the content fresh.

2. Channels lineup for easy content discovery.

3. Includes a sleep timer for bedtime viewing.

4. Social media integration allows for easy sharing and interaction.

4. Cartoonito

Cartoonito combines education with children’s entertainment. It’s a website where you can watch cartoons online. These cartoons are both entertaining and educational. It has a user-friendly interface and fun activities to encourage children’s interests.


1. Combines fun and learning seamlessly.

2. It is simple for kids to explore on their own.

3. Offers a variety of interactive and educational options.

5. Kisscartoon

kisscartoon org

Kisscartoon is a website where you can watch cartoons online and your favorite cartoon characters without downloading anything. It’s all for free! To watch a cartoon, visit the website and enter the name of the cartoon you want to watch—no need to deal with annoying surveys. With just a few clicks, you’re good to go! You’ll find what you’re looking for.


1. Kisscartoon has many cartoons and animated series from different genres and periods.

2. There is no need to pay for a subscription or buy episodes separately.

3. The website is user-friendly with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

4. Kisscartoon provides subtitles for cartoon characters, which is helpful for viewers.

6. GogoAnime

Gogoanime is a well-known website for streaming anime online. It’s a popular platform to watch cartoons on the internet. It has a wide range of anime series and movies. The interface is easy to use, and the library has a wide range of content for anime fans worldwide. This site has the latest episodes of both classic and modern anime.


1. Gogoanime frequently updates with new anime episodes and movies for viewers to enjoy.

2. It offers anime content with subtitles in multiple languages, making it easier to access.

3. Users can participate in discussions, leave comments, and give ratings, which helps create a lively community centered around anime.

7. Nick

Nick tv

Nickelodeon is a website where you can watch cartoons online without needing a subscription to the Nick channel. The interface is user-friendly and has vibrant colors, which is great for kids. It only has Nickеlodеon cartoons and radio and online games for extra entertainment. This platform is excellent for keeping kids engaged in creative activities.


1. Exclusive Nickelodeon content.

2. The interface is colorful and kid-friendly.

3. Listen to radio streaming for extra entertainment.

4. Here are some fun online games to play.

8. Tubi TV


Tubi TV has an extensive collection of famous cartoon characters, including rare and hard-to-find titles from different genres. You can watch them all without needing a subscription. The mobile and TV apps offer high-quality streaming and offline download options for those who enjoy watching cartoons online.


1. Available on mobile and TV apps for convenience.

2. Enjoy better viewing with high-quality streaming and subtitles.

3. Enables offline downloads for entertainment on the go.

4. Gives personalized recommendations.

9. ToonJet

Toonjet com

ToonJet is a website where you can watch cartoons online. It features South Korean and Chinese animations with English subtitles. It’s an ad-free streaming service with high-definition quality for a premium viewing experience. The vast library is optimized for mobile devices, making it easy to share on social media.


1. Enjoy uninterrupted streaming with ad-free content.

2. Enjoy a cinematic experience with high-definition video quality.

3. Discover a wide range of content to explore.

4. Designed for mobile devices and effortless social media sharing.

10. Youtube

YouTube is a popular place to watch cartoons and various animated content. Users can access a wide range of shows, including classic and contemporary ones and fan-created animations. You can find complete episodes and series of almost all cartoons here.


1. Provides user-generated animations and fan communities.

2. You can use it on mobile phones, tablets, and smart TVs.

3. Users can subscribe to their favorite channels and create playlists.

In conclusion,

Watching cartoons online for free in high definition is a great way to relive childhood memories or discover new animated treasures. In this blog, we have explored 10 websites that offer various options, from classic favorites to the latest releases, all in high-definition quality. And the best part is that they don’t cost a dime!

These platforms are user-friendly for cartoon fans of all ages. They allow easy access to beloved shows without complicated sign-up processes or hidden fees. Whether you’re a Bugs Bunny, Scooby-Doo, or anime fan, you can find it all here.


Are these websites safe for watching cartoons online?

Yes, the websites mentioned in the list are generally safe to use. It’s a good idea to install reliable antivirus software and be careful when clicking on pop-up ads or downloading files from these websites.

Do I need to create an account or pay for subscriptions on these platforms?

Most websites listed don’t need you to create an account or subscribe. They provide free access to their content. However, some websites may offer optional registration for extra features, but it is not required.

Can I watch cartoons on these websites on my mobile phone or tablet?

Many platforms have mobile apps or mobile-optimized websites, so you can easily watch cartoons on your smartphone or tablet. Watch your favorite cartoons wherever you go.

Do these websites have multiple languages for international viewers?

Some platforms offer content in multiple languages, making them accessible to a broader audience. You can choose your preferred language or use subtitles if they are available.

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