5 Best Games to play over Christmas

Today, we’re changing things with Five of the Best. Instead of discussing a specific aspect of our favorite game, let’s focus on our usual topic during this time of year – the games we plan to play during the end-of-year break. We’re inviting everyone to join, not just NimbleTech Supporters.

We all know how it goes: you make a big list of games to play but end up playing something else entirely. You can cuddle up with a simple game or escape reality by immersing yourself in a colorful imaginary world. Please share your favorite games and reasons below.

We made a list of games that are perfect for the time between Christmas and New Year. Enjoy your break!

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

I’ve always connected Star Wars with Christmas because of the holiday special or the sci-fi movies on TV during Christmas. I also have a Christmas jumper with Chewie singing carols. I think Jedi: Survivor is the perfect video game to enjoy during the holidays. It’s dramatic but charming, lightly challenging but not too complex (like family holiday films with “mild peril”), and big. You can finish this task in a week if you focus and prepare your leftover sandwiches. Just make sure to do everything right.

It’s important not to start a long game that you can’t finish before the new year. Once the new year begins, you won’t be able to go back. That’s why Jedi: Survivor is fantastic. It’s a fun and relaxing game that will make you smile and warm your heart. Additionally, the theme revolves around using a lightsaber to fight Storm Troopers.

Super Mario RPG

Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga is the top game during winter break. It has the best colors, a great sense of possibilities, and interesting anecdotes about the brothers’ daily lives. This year, we got a great remake of Super Mario RPG. It could quickly fill the Superstar Saga slot. The forest level is the most seasonal. Play it while baking and filling the house with delicious smells.

Pokémon Gold, Silver, or Crystal

Use this five-day time warp to regress as much as you can. It’s essential. Go back to your childhood bedroom. Please wear pajamas. Why do we have to go to work every day? We should listen to that nagging voice inside us. Why can’t I sleep in just once? Why can’t we go back? You can do it for a maximum of five days. In theory, at least.

It’s the second generation of Pokémon and the Game Boy Color. But for you, it could be something different. Maybe it’s something about the ZX Spectrum or a big hoop with a stick; I’m not sure. Gen 2 is like my hoop-n-stick, a nostalgic throwback to a simpler time. A handheld game is an excellent choice for this time of year when you need to relax wherever you can. Also, playing one of these games might encourage me to unbox my Analog Pocket finally. I purchased it months ago and liked it, but I’m hesitant to use it because I’m afraid of damaging it.

Street Fighter 6

Here’s a simple suggestion: try playing a new game genre during these five days. For many people, that genre would be fighting games. Give it a shot and see how it goes!

It’s a great idea because you won’t have another opportunity like this. You might have a lingering desire to pursue something you’ve always wanted to do. Luckily, you have five specific days each year to make it happen. Here’s your opportunity. Learn how to zone and punish opponents with Dhalsim in just a week. You should also understand the terms “zoning” and “punishing.” Become exceptionally skilled at something that you find pointless and have no intention of using in the future. Sometimes, if you’re fortunate, you might learn some tough truths about the world. One of these truths is that learning a skill isn’t just about usefulness and finding joy in becoming a master at it.

Civilization 6

Also, check out another popular grand strategy, 4X, or classic real-time strategy (RTS) games. I’m considering playing Age of Empires 2 or Age of Mythology, Stellaris, and a Total War game. What is a Shogun? The games can go on forever, which is not good because they make you feel like you’re achieving something when you’re not. The key is that these games make you feel accomplished because your goal is to conquer the whole world or galaxy. They’re great for playing on a laptop, Steam Deck, second-screen streaming device, or even a Nintendo Switch.

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