The Best Fire Emblem Games From Nintendo

If you want to play the best tactical strategy game, there is no better option than Nintendo’s Fire Emblem games. This game was most popular in North America until 2001, when it began to gain popularity globally. It is well-known for its enthralling blend of profound tales, strategic skills, and tactical gameplay in which players must push their limitations to pass the exams. Fire Emblem games have changed throughout time, and additional plays have been released, adding to the overall popularity of the series.

One distinguishing element of games is that you are out for good once defeated. This functionality, however, is available as an optional option in the most recent games through a casual mode. However, traditional and classic games still promote it to let players plan their actions for a longer stay. Some Fire Emblem Series games are sequels, while others have a new plot, gameplay, characters, and troops. Let us have a look at some of the best Fire Emblem games.

The Best Fire Emblem Games From Nintendo

Let’s have a look at the best Fire Emblem Games From Nintendo to try.

1. Binding Blade

Fire Emblem Games

Binding Blade came sixth in the main Fire Emblem Series and was only released in Japan. It was the first game released on the Game Boy Advance. The main character is Roy, the son of Eliwood, and it features the continent of Elibe. Eliwood was one of the first game’s characters. The story centers on Bren, an invader who breaches the continent’s 1,000-year-old peace and begins bloodshed to restore the dragons. Roy leads the army against Bren to rescue Elibe’s continent.

2. Radiant Dawn

Fire Emblem Games

Radiant Dawn was introduced in 2007 and is renowned as the Nintendo Wii Console’s debut game and a direct successor to the last game in the series. It is considered one of the most difficult Fire Emblem Games ever. Its grid-based conflicts are widely regarded and enjoyed by die-hard strategic players. The game is divided into four sections, each adding a unique perspective to the continuing competition. These four groups are all battling for control of the Continent of Tellius while the players are fighting for control of Micaiah. Radiant Dawn is the best place to start for dedicated strategy fans, but it is unsuitable for casual players. Shadow Dragon is a good place to start for new players.

3. Sacred Stones

Fire Emblem Games

Sacred Stones was released in North America and on the Game Boy Advance Series. It is considered a decent starting point for beginners after Blazing Blade. It features a whole separate continent yet shares few mechanics with Blazing Blade. Its characters have the vibe of both superhumans and the series’ best villains. Its split promotions, map design, excellent music, triple effectiveness, and improved game design elevate it.

4. Blazing Blade

Fire Emblem Games

The Blazing Blade game introduced Fire Emblems Games to the outside world. It was first introduced and released for the Game Boy Advance in the United States of America, and it included three characters. The game’s primary characters are Hector, Eliwood, and Lyn. Eliwood and Hector are related to past Fire Emblem characters, while Lyn is supposed to be the game’s primary character. The first story part of the game, which works on two story portions, focuses on Lyn and her grandpa. The second portion is more serious since it concentrates on all three characters and their fight against Previous Emblem figures. The players function as masterminds, assisting Hector, Lyn, and Eliwood in their journey. Players used to play a minor part in the series’ early games, but this has since become the series’ major motif in later iterations.

5. Conquest

Fire Emblem Games

The Fire Emblem Fates Series comprises two games, Birthright and Conquest, with distinct stories. While Conquest caters to die-hard Emblems series fans, Birthright caters to more casual enthusiasts. The games are based on more severe design criteria and specifically constructed victory conditions, which include “kill everything” as one of the prerequisites. Serious enthusiasts should begin with Conquest, while casual players can try playing the Fates Series Birthright edition. The players are supposed to go on an almost difficult journey. From the beginning of the game, they are assigned to distinct characters who despise one another.

6. Birthright

Birthright, as previously said, is a section of the Fire Emblem Fates series specifically developed for beginners and acts as an excellent entry point for them. In comparison to Conquest, it works in simpler settings. If you want to experience the full core of the Fates series, play both games beginning with Birthright first.

7. Path of Radiance

This was the first game released in the Home console series and signified the beginning of the Home console. It works on a completely separate story arc and features a continent called Tellius. It introduces the character, who, together with his father, serves as the game’s central protagonist. Their mercenary outfit, which operates on the Crimean border, is the story’s focus. The game’s main fight is between the beast laguz and the human beorc species.

8. Shadow Dragon

Shadow Dragon, a remake of the first game in the Fire Emblem series, is another best games in the Fire Emblem series. It is a Nintendo DS game that features the Dolhr Empire. Medeus leads the Dolhr kingdom into Archenea, a continent.

9. Shadow of Valentia

Shadow of Valentia is another game on the Best Fire Emblem Games list. It is a remake and upgraded version of the Fire Emblem title games from 1992, and it ranks fifteenth in the series. Shadow of Valentia is a comprehensive collection comprising the original tactical-turn-based games and the upgraded version’s dungeon crawling component. It works in two separate settings and features both traditional and casual modes. The traditional and casual modes function on the same notion of permanent character death; however, the casual mode signals the characters’ withdrawal from the conflict. The classic style enhances the game’s enjoyment for players. The continent in the game is divided into two sections, each with its warring gods, and the players take control of one side of the army. It tells the story of Celica and Alm, who fight to restore Valentia’s palace.

10. Fire Emblem Awakening

Awakening’s casual mode was a big departure from the ancient and famous game series, saving it from cancellation. To make it less disheartening for players, the casual mode was introduced to eliminate the permanent death feature of defeated characters. It was also the first Nintendo 3DS game to be released. Instead, you may link up with other characters to plan more powerful strikes, and the improved defensive skills have opened the door to tactical considerations. Despite the alterations, it has managed to keep the rock-paper-scissors formula balance. It works with customizable characters based on the story of the Kingdom of Ylisse and Prince Chrom. Furthermore, the game’s witty and approachable cast adds an appealing quality.

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The Bottom Line:

So, here is our list of the best and most unique Fire Emblem Games. The series contains something for players of all skill levels. So, choose one and start playing right now.

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