Top 15 Best Crypto Ad Networks For Publishers in 2024

Crypto Ad Networks For Publishers: Crypto Ad Networks face tough competition due to bans on cryptocurrency promotions by major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google, and LinkedIn.

Exploring Crypto Advertising networks that focus on the crypto audience is a good idea. By using Ad Networks, you can easily reach your targeted Crypto traffic at affordable prices. Many websites and blogs in the Crypto News space attract millions of visitors.

As you’re aware. Many people visit these sites daily to read cryptocurrency news and updates. Crypto Ad Networks partners with popular websites to place your ads and drive targeted traffic to your site. You can effectively showcase your products and services to crypto users by using Ad Networks.

Discover the Top Crypto Advertising Networks

Between 2017 and 2018, Crypto ad networks saw a surge in popularity as investors made significant profits through these platforms.

Big platforms continue to ban cryptocurrency-related ads due to concerns about money laundering. It includes ads promoting ICOs and crypto companies.

This gap has been filled with the help of Crypto Ad networks, which focus on promoting products and services related to Crypto Ad Companies. Some top crypto ad networks have made significant investments and can bypass these bans by rephrasing the ads.

Rephrasing because these networks have had difficulty enforcing strict policies to gain approval from major websites and platforms.

Top Crypto Ad Networks that you must use for Promotion

Check out this list of top Crypto Ad networks to boost your business! Specific networks are top choices for small publishers.

Even with minimal crypto traffic, you can still monetize your website using these Ad Networks to earn bitcoin.

Many networks use the Cost-per-click model. Discover additional top CPC ad networks for monetizing your website.

These networks are excellent for increasing website traffic by delivering targeted visitors and saving time. You can boost your sales by engaging with genuine individuals interested in viewing and buying your product.

15 Best Crypto Ad Networks 2024

Here we list some of the best Crypto Ad Networks for Publishers.


BitMedia is an Ad Networking company founded in 2015 and has gained popularity since its establishment. Its popularity stems from the numerous benefits and features it offers to advertisers and publishers.

Unsurprisingly, this crypto ad network is getting over 1 billion impressions monthly and over 20 million unique visits. The website runs over 20,000 ad campaigns, offering a comprehensive solution to all users. It has an advanced algorithm that uses AI to display ads to relevant users.

BitMedia strongly backs CPC and CPM campaigns, providing quality traffic by connecting you with real people. It manages over 5000 Crypto-related websites that can generate more than 1 Billion Impressions. It is among the top best Crypto Ad Networks.

2. Push.House

Push.House Crypto Ad Networks is a top player in the advertising industry and an excellent Crypto Ad Network for Publishers. Earning money through website or blog advertisements is simple. simplifies the process by using push notifications. Due to their extensive coverage, you can earn a significant amount of money with They provide services in approximately 180 countries worldwide.

Push.House can increase earnings and drive quality traffic to your website or blog. They offer publishers the best return on investment by providing unique traffic. If you have any questions, contact their customer support for assistance. You can consider it among the best Crypto Ad Networks.

Check your statistics quickly with real-time updates. Everything is visible in real time. It will assist you in strategizing your next steps. is considered one of the top CPC Ad Networks available for publishers.

3. MaxValue.Media


MaxValue is a new but highly favored ad network. The company carefully selects website publishers interested in displaying ads on their sites for payment.

MaxValue prioritizes the quality of ads it offers. In addition to the high-quality ads, MaxValue stands out from others because of its Header Bidding Technology. Users can participate in real-time bidding on the biggest Demand Sites. The highest bid resulted in increased revenue. MaxValue offers a variety of ad formats, including Sticky ads, Banner ads, Video ads, and Native Ads. Furthermore, signing up is incredibly simple and fast.

The user-friendly dashboard provides various features, such as viewing traffic information by country, checking website traffic quality, and gaining insights into ad performance. However, when working with them as a website publisher, there are essential considerations to remember. We collaborate with websites that receive a minimum of 100,000 page views monthly. We attract visitors primarily from the US, UK, and Canada and feature content free of any illegal, unsafe, controversial, violent, aggressive, or banned material.

While there are initial requirements, the service quality is consistently upheld. The company promises a minimum 25% increase in your website’s revenue. If this doesn’t occur, they pledge to cover the difference, a bold claim for a newcomer. It si one of the best Crypto Ad Networks in 2024.

4. EZmob

EZmob Crypto Ad Networks

Ezmob is a top Mobile Advertising Network for both advertisers and publishers. It is a top crypto advertising Network. You can buy mobile traffic, set up operations using a self-serve interface, and harness the true power of bidding in real time. Ezmob is a comprehensive mobile advertising company with cutting-edge innovation and deep expertise in strategy development.

Ezmob helps you make informed decisions and appreciate your time and efforts. They work with Premium publishers and receive traffic from around the globe, offering targeted traffic from over 160 countries.

EZmob pays publishers using CPM, CPC, CPV, and CPI formats. ezmob is trusted by thousands of publishers and advertisers because they pay monthly and are always punctual. This ad network is excellent for both publishers and advertisers to join.

5. DOT


DOT is the leading UK-based advertising network and marketing solution for Crypto and Web3 companies. It is considered as the best Crypto Ad Networks. Numerous advertisers, such as Huobi, BC, use DOT.Game, EnjinStarter, and Koinly to reach crypto-interested audiences on a large scale. Focus on specific locations, content themes, device types, and other factors to maximize your target audience and ROI.

DOT’s network focuses on premium publishers and positions. Our partners include Benzinga, ForexLive, FinanceMagnates, Be[in]Crypto, and many more.

Get complimentary bonus credits with each campaign for use on sponsored articles, press releases, and other tools to enhance SEO and brand visibility.

We offer campaign support 7 days a week to ensure smooth setup, strategy, and testing for excellent results. You can reach the DOT team through various channels such as phone, Telegram, Email, and Skype.

6. Coin.Network

Coin.Network Crypto Ad Networks

It is a crypto advertising network with a display network of over 50 million monthly active users and generates more than 1 billion monthly ad impressions. Coin.Network, owned by BuySellAds, is ideal for crypto brands targeting niche crypto communities and collaborating with over 20 crypto websites for effective campaigns.

Coin.Network has significant experience supporting these large numbers. In 2014, it became the first to allow Bitcoin ad payments for Reddit. Since then, it has been’s sole ad partner. In 2020, they sold the first sponsorship for a crypto newsletter.

Both advertisers and publishers benefit from partnering with Coin.Network. Advertisers can tailor their ads for specific audiences based on location, interests, and industry. Publishers can control their advertising strategy by choosing between Display or Native ads and deciding whether to use programmatic or directly sold ads. The platform provides a comprehensive management suite, with the ad ops team handling ad management and campaign optimization.



Cointraffic is a well-known Crypto Ad network located in Tallinn, Estonia. Cointrffic Crypto Ad network was established in 2014 to serve publishers and advertisers. It helps publishers, advertisers, and investors by displaying banner and native ads to boost your website’s growth.

It’s a top digital advertising partner in the blockchain and Crypto Ad market. It offers different advertising formats and effective tools to improve conversion rates. Our dedicated account managers oversee all communications and systems, ensuring they are directly responsible for your campaign’s progress.

Cointraffic began by placing just one ad on a coin, attracting more people to your website. You can trust the withdrawal process. You can request payment withdrawals from the cooperative team members at Cointaffic Crypto Ad networks anytime.

8. Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon

Ad Dragon was recently launched in 2019. This is a new Crypto ad network. It focuses on online ad marketing rather than ad exchange. It stands out from other Crypto Ad networks. The world’s first DeFi advertising platform quickly became the top online marketplace for advertising services.

Thanks to its distinctive characteristics, the platform is an excellent substitute for Google Adsense or Coinzilla. The platform is set to revolutionize the online industry by introducing a new marketing model: peer-to-peer advertising through an online marketplace. Additionally, they utilize advanced blockchain technology to simplify things for customers.

Ad Dragon functions as a peer-to-peer advertising platform similar to Amazon or eBay. However, instead of physical products, Ad Dragon sells advertisements from independent media, content creators, and influencers who join the platform as advertisers (publishers).

Advertisers benefit from an incredible ecosystem that ensures high ROI and focuses on delivering top results by connecting advertisers with publishers. They facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers, providing security and transparency.

When publishers join Ad Dragon, they receive numerous benefits, such as instant crypto payments, control over prices, and solutions to marketing issues. Surprisingly, the platform only takes a 5% commission on publishers’ earnings, with the remaining 95% going to the publishers.

9. Adshares

Adshares Crypto Ad Networks

Adshares begins on a small scale but is highly experienced and specialized in blockchain solutions. It operates on a blockchain advertising network, enabling direct transactions between publishers and advertisers.

Adshares offers a fantastic platform for publishers and advertisers to connect directly with customers, eliminating the need for a third party. It provides transparent, affordable, and censorship-resistant advertising for users. Furthermore, the Adshares safe ADS blockchain can handle more than 1 million transfers per second, enabling it to cater to the global advertising market.

Adshares is recognized as one of the most advanced projects. It assists in resolving various issues in the digital advertising industry. It mainly focuses on the advertising ecosystem, where advertisers and publishers share ads and make payments using cryptocurrencies. Adshares can assist publishers in monetizing their Adblock traffic, making it the top choice for publishers looking to increase their earnings.


A-ADS has been a pioneer in the crypto advertising industry since 2011, consistently upholding a stellar business reputation. Right now, A-ADS is very popular. You can easily see from the statistics that they receive about 80 million impressions daily. They specialize in generating traffic and advertising for cryptocurrency projects.

A-ADS is likely the top choice for those involved in crypto-gambling, exchanges, or ICOs. A-ADS network is user-friendly for advertisers. Creating a campaign is straightforward, and the approval process is quick. Several ways to optimize campaigns for better performance include geo-targeting, filtering out unwanted sites, adjusting maximum CPM, and more. A-ADS is an excellent option for publishers as well.

It’s useful for bloggers, established websites with high traffic, and new small sites. You can join the A-ADS network if you have a faucet or a Blogspot blog with human traffic. One unique aspect is that a site does not require approval to join.

They provide plain HTML iframes as banners without installing JavaScript code pieces into your site or tracking visitors’ behavior. These banners are light and visually appealing, ensuring a positive experience for your visitors and readers. The professional helpdesk team is always available to assist with any difficulties. They respond quickly and provide helpful responses. Chat live whenever you need.

11. CoinZilla

Coinzilla, a popular crypto ad network, was launched in 2016, making it relatively new compared to other advertising networks. AdSelvo is a key player in the advertising industry, focusing on promoting the Crypto market through various advertising solutions.

This Crypto Ad Network is highly recommended for advertisers. This platform offers CPC and CPM advertising options with various ad formats such as banner ads, standard banners, floating banners, and native ads. Coinzilla has promoted over 200 brands and supports over 400 publishers and advertisers to monetize their online networks.

It focuses on specific websites and CEOs to attract the desired traffic. It’s essential to have a professional and appealing website to attract a wide audience. Additionally, it must be approved by the Coinzilla network with the assistance of an email verification code.

This network would not accept websites with domains less than 3 months old. Your website must be at least 3 months old to be eligible for the Coinzilla Crypto Ad Network. The audience was won over by its performance, as it helped them boost engagement with real people and income streams, making it a trustworthy investment.

12. TokenAd

TokenAd is a top Crypto Ad network for Publishers in the RTB advertising industry, specializing in promoting Crypto Network Ads and products. It helps publishers and advertisers profit from their marketing platforms, websites, blogs, cryptocurrency exchanges, and ICO rankings.

TokenAd offers various ad formats, including banner ads, standard banners, and native banners, to help promote your website. It is simple to use and only shows Crypto ad content on the website.

TokenAd works with advertisers and publishers worldwide, periodically boosting specific GEOs. Most traffic originates from Brazil, Ukraine, Poland, and Mexico.

13. Bitraffic

Bitraffic, launched in November 2017, is the most extensive crypto ad network, operating on over 2,700 websites. This platform promotes trading, purchasing, ICO Tokens, DApps, Casino games, Investing Platforms, Mining Operations, Crypto Faucets, and more.

14. AdEx

AdEx is a digital advertising network that prioritizes addressing issues impacting advertising campaign performance. This network consists of skilled publishers.

AdEx assists publishers in resolving issues by providing essential tools to streamline their progress. It covers advertising fraud, privacy issues, and consent for receiving sponsored texts.

15. CoinAd

CoinAd enforces strict guidelines for both publishers and advertisers. It only accepts websites with an Alexa ranking below 100k and at least 200 impressions per day.

You don’t need to log in to this network; you can quickly start your campaign with COin-Ad. This network is exclusively for established sites, so new publishers are invited invite-only.


Discover the top Cryptocurrency ad networks in this article to maximize your earnings. You were not alone if you hesitated to invest in the Crypto ads platform due to the ban imposed by sociathereedia pothers.

Now, you can relax knowing that crypto ad networks have found a way around the banned media, allowing you to invest without fear and potentially earn a significant profit. Choose a Crypto Ad Network and proceed. Best of luck!

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