The Best Entertainment Apps For Android 2024

Currently, it isn’t easy to fathom life without smartphones. Since a great lot has occurred since the evolution of these smart devices and the revolution is still in its infancy, we may anticipate a great lot more change. These smartphones were suddenly a need. Normal action is to pull out one’s phone and begin playing games, initiating a chat, reading the news, etc., if one is uninterested in anything. This behavior suggests a tendency to avoid boredom. A sarcastic but realistic situation is when you log off because you are bored but then log on again after five minutes or so for the same reason you logged out. In mind this, we’ve chosen to compile a list of the best entertainment apps for Android that can help you enhance your entertainment level and eliminate boredom.

The Best Entertainment Apps For Android

Let’s have a look at the Best Entertainment Apps for Android. 

1. TED

Entertainment Apps For Android

Since 1984, TED has been spreading valuable ideas, so it should come as no surprise if we add it to our list of entertainment apps for Android. The Sapling Foundation, a non-profit organization, has garnered worldwide acclaim for its TED conferences. Well, the primary focus of TED conferences is in the category of entertainment. The presenters are allowed 18 minutes to express their ideas in the most creative manner possible. Since 2006, TED has been available for free watching online. Now discussing the app’s capabilities, the TED conference app provides access to the whole video archive of TED talks. It presently supports over 90 languages, allowing you to watch the conferences in your tongue. You may also watch the talks on your bookmarks to watch them later, or you can download one to see them offline. In addition, you may activate alerts for new talks.

2. MX Player

Entertainment Apps For Android

MX player is one of the most downloaded apps from the Google Play Store. J2 Interactive built this app. The tagline for MX Player, “The best way to enjoy your movies,” is accurate. It provides Hardware Acceleration, which enables some operations to run quicker than is feasible with software. MX Players also have Pinch to Zoom, Zoom, Pan, Subtitle Gestures, Kids Lock, and Multi-Core Decoding, among other important features. With over 2,346,955 five-star reviews on the Google Play store, this is one of the must-have entertainment apps for your Android.

3. Quora

Entertainment Apps For Android

Quora, a social app developed by Quora Inc. If anything is niggling in your mind and you want to know what others think of it or want to hear the opinion of others, then place your question on Quora. You will receive fantastic replies from some of the best experts in their professions. The most remarkable aspect of Quora is that you may question anything under the sun and beyond, and you will receive a straightforward response. What are the most effective examples of reuse? Why does Microsoft not take action against the millions of pirated Windows copies? Which five smartphone apps can you not live without, and why? The likelihood of being dissatisfied when using Quora is low. Therefore, Quora is also included in our list of the best entertainment apps for Android.

4. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is the ideal app for you if you have talent and enjoy mimicry. It enables you to imitate a well-known dialogue and then exaggerate it using the same voice-over. The videos can then be shared with friends or on social media to earn fame. The app is compatible with Android versions 4.1 and later.

5. Hotstar

If you are interested in any type of sport, are a lover of TV shows, or want to enjoy a show, Hotstar is the app for you. You can live broadcast a game and pause it at any time. The movie inventory is routinely updated, and the best thing is that registration is not required. Surely, if you enjoy any form of video entertainment, this app is an absolute need. Furthermore, you may watch the shows for free; therefore, there is no reason to download videos illegally.

6. YouTube

YouTube needs no explanation. People all across the world have admired Google’s video-sharing website. You can watch the most popular music and trending videos in sports, Movies, Games, and more categories. Press an icon or slide to navigate between recommended videos, your subscriptions, and your account. In addition to subscribing to your favorite channels, creating playlists, editing and uploading videos, expressing yourself with comments and shares, and casting a video on your TV, you can do all these things and more from inside the app.

7. Google Play Books

Google’s cross-platform e-book app is another app on our list of the best entertainment apps for Android. The Play Store allows the user to purchase and download e-books. You may upload about one thousand PDF or EPUB e-books to your Google Play Book account. Accessing Google Play Books requires a Google account.

The Bottom Line:

With this list of free entertainment apps, we have included all available apps that will help you combat boredom and raise the standard of your entertainment. We are attempting to be as forthright as possible since we have interviewed several Android experts about what they do in their free time to increase their entertainment quotient. We are confident that everyone will find something useful on our list of the best entertainment apps for Android.

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