The Best Free News Apps For Android And iOS

The best news apps will keep you up to date. Things had changed over time, unlike when the news was only accessible via a radio channel and newspapers. You may now quickly access it using your smartphone. With the advancement of technology & the expansion of the internet, video streaming has become a very simple task. With news aggregator apps, you can quickly remain updated on the newest news when traveling, at the office, or at school. Several options on the market claim to be the best news apps for Android & iOS. Unfortunately, not every app delivers on its promises. To save you time and effort, we have compiled a list of the best news apps regarding performance, efficacy, and compatibility.

The Best Free News Apps For Android And iOS

Let’s have a look at the best Free News Apps to try.

1. Google News 

News Apps

Well, Google News, well-known for providing relevant and unique content, needs no introduction. Originally known as Google Play Newsstand, it guarantees users high-quality news. It has millions of favorable ratings and operates on a Google recommendation engine so that you will get news based on your interests. On both Android and iOS devices, this amazing software performs exceptionally well. It allows you to download videos, podcasts, and news articles. Overall, Google News unquestionably leads India’s list of best news apps.

2. CNN News

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CNN is a well-known best free news app that was the first to operate a 24-hour cable news channel. Its app version is a shortened version of the original site that offers a variety of articles and current news. It also includes a variety of video news in its services.

3. Microsoft News

News Apps

Microsoft News, formerly known as MSN News, offers an easy and uncomplicated method to remain up to date. Users are requested to define their area of interest and preferences at the first usage. All relevant news will be shown on the main page, but you may still navigate through the other news options. It also offers bright and gloomy themes and a distinct section for breaking news. Download this little yet effective app to get both organic and paid news.

4. Apple News

News Apps

Apple News is incorporated into all iOS devices but is incompatible with the Android platform. Its major goal is to provide quick-loading videos and related graphics on the main page. It has also collaborated with well-known magazines such as National Geographic and the New York Times to provide unique news.

5. Flipboard

Flipboard is not on any list of news apps. It has a user-friendly design and a print-style page layout that makes it easy for users to explore. It recognizes your pattern and provides content and stories that are similar to yours. It also provides the option of adding new stories to a personalized magazine. Users may also use the “Mute Site” and “See fewer news stories like this” features to view less content.

6. News Republic

If you want to view various stories in one spot, the News Republic is the best option. You may access practically anything on this amazing platform, from famous YouTube videos to other news sites. You may also customize it based on your preferred news sources and preferences. You may find breaking content and the most popular videos from over 10,000 news sources. Users may also provide feedback in the feedback area. Overall, the New Republic is one of the best news apps for Android and works well on iOS devices.

7. Reddit

Although it is not a well-known brand in the category of free news apps, Reddit’s remarkable features and functionality are not ignored. In 2016, Reddit introduced its official news app, which offers a terrific way to keep up to speed on the newest news and stories.

8. BBC News

With decades of experience, the BBC is one of the world’s most recognized and well-known news agencies. To add to the perks, it offers a live streaming channel with the app. Overall, it’s an excellent method to stay current.

9. Smart News 

SmartNews is an impressive piece of technology that promises uniqueness and efficacy. It intelligently analyzes all trending stories and groups related content to guarantee that its users receive what they are looking for. With its user-friendly browser, clutter-free layout, and smart algorithm that can display fresh content at any time, anyplace, it seeks to bring rapid news and does it well.


So, here is a list of the best news apps for Android and iOS devices. You can immediately know what’s occurring around the globe whether you’re sitting comfortably at home or traveling to your office. The apps listed above are, without a doubt, the best in the category. To keep informed, download one today.

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