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8 Best AI Tools For Social Media Management in 2024

AI Tools For Social Media Management: Being consistent is crucial for achieving success on social media. Consistently providing high-quality content every week satisfies the algorithms and increases your brand’s visibility to a wider audience. However, creating content, managing the posting schedule, and determining what your audience wants to read can be challenging, even with a typical social media management app.

However, AI is revolutionizing the way things are done. These platforms will enhance your social media strategy by providing content generation, sentiment analysis, and valuable insights from big data. By implementing this, you’ll improve your decision-making process, gain a deeper understanding of your audience, and have more time to focus on other essential tasks.

8 Best AI Tools For Social Media Management in 2024

I thoroughly explored and experimented with various AI tools for social media management and discovered numerous valuable options. Multiple tools are available for different purposes, including improving productivity and analyzing the TV shows your X/Twitter audience enjoys. Discover the top 10 AI apps that make social media management a breeze.

Top-notch AI social media management tool for efficient content recycling and strategic posting.

1. FeedHive

Content creators need to find ways to reuse their content. There is nothing wrong with giving an old idea a fresh perspective, a new twist, or blending it with a current trend. On the contrary, as your number of followers increases, you must ensure that your new audience and long-time fans clearly understand your values and beliefs.

FeedHive is an excellent tool for this. Additionally, an AI Writing Assistant is available that functions similarly to ChatGPT. To access it, locate the icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen and click on it. This assistant can generate posts based on your prompts and advise you on achieving success on social media. When you open the compose window, you can select and copy the parts of the output you like the most. This makes it easier for you to create your next post with precision. There are many AI-powered features available here, and this is just scratching the surface.

  • AI-powered performance predictions can assist you in optimizing your posts for optimal engagement.
  • With AI-powered content recycling, you can effortlessly repurpose your previously published posts for use in a new post, whether for the same channel or a different one.
  • AI-powered conditional posting feature allows you to measure engagement for a post easily. If engagement is high enough, the AI will automatically post a comment on that post, including a link to an offer.

FeedHive price

The Creator plan is available for just $19 monthly and includes 4 social accounts. It also consists of an AI Writing Assistant. AI hashtag suggestions and AI performance prediction are exclusive features offered on our premium plans.

2. Vista Social

It’s essential to connect with your customers where they spend their time. There are numerous platforms where people like to spend their time, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Yelp, Trustpilot, YouTube, OpenTable, Reddit…

Yes, Vista Social connects to all the platforms mentioned. It serves as a central hub for all your social channels. The app offers a comprehensive range of features, including post-scheduling, audience chatting, review tracking, and TikTok/Instagram feed planners for those who prefer a clean aesthetic.

Our AI features are designed to assist you with your content needs. When managing multiple channels, it’s essential to tailor your posts to suit your target audience and enhance the user experience. Once you’ve grasped the main concept, you can utilize the AI text generation capabilities to request text of varying lengths and incorporate it into your posts. It’s perfect for transforming that lengthy Reddit post into catchy Instagram captions or a few Twitter threads.

Vista Social price

Our free plan, designed to be user-friendly, allows you to make up to 10 posts per month per profile. Standard’s lowest-paid plan is $39 monthly, including 8 profiles and 1 user.

3. Buffer

Every social media platform has its own set of rules for interaction. Instagram is all about images. X delivers quick and concise insights. LinkedIn reflects a blend of formal boardroom discussions and casual water cooler conversations. If you need to manage multiple channels and customize your posts for each one, Buffer is the perfect tool for the task.

When creating a new post, check the left side of the pop-up and activate the AI Assistant. The output is adapted based on the social media channel you’re writing for. Once the initial option is generated, you can cycle through additional choices, request a rewrite, or utilize the expand/shorten options as necessary.

These rewriting features are convenient because Buffer also offers an idea-tracking tool. To access it, go to the Publishing section, click on the Create tab, and save all your brilliant ideas. Do you need help coming up with ideas? No problem. AI can help you generate starting points. Once you’re prepared to populate your content calendar, the AI Assistant can help you expand and modify each of these posts for all your social channels.

The main characters are the focus, but the supporting cast is equally impressive. Running multichannel campaigns is a breeze. They function similarly to email marketing drip campaigns, allowing you to balance recurring and fresh content. Organize your content by grouping topics, promotions, or seasonal posts and distributing them evenly throughout the year. It allows you to generate content arcs focused on a specific topic or objective, enhancing the value of your feed for fans by combining new content with valuable past insights.

Buffer price

Our free plan offers access to 3 channels, with the ability to post up to 10 times per channel and store up to 100 ideas. The Essentials plan is available for just $6 per month per channel. With this plan, you get unlimited posts and storage for up to 2,000 ideas.

4. Flick

AI generation may require some time to finish and occasionally experiences interruptions.

By now, you’ve moved beyond the mindset of one idea per post. To enhance consistency and engage your followers, it’s important to repurpose your core, top-performing ideas periodically. This is perfect for discovering fresh perspectives and responding to current trends.

Discover how Flick’s Content Lab can be your go-to hub for all your creative ideas. It provides a streamlined process for discovering and saving your top ideas, developing potential posts, and publishing them across all your social media platforms. Click the Brainstorm Ideas button to begin the process. Just provide your topic, and Flick will begin gathering general ideas. Include the most promising options on the list.

Flick comes up with four post ideas based on the general ones. Here, you’ll find a title and content suggestion, along with some helpful tips to assist you in creating them effectively. These tips cover running interviews, making a case study, and using storytelling. Keep track of your favorite post ideas and request additional ones if needed.

After you’ve selected a few post ideas that you’re satisfied with, you can easily create the base post using the Content Assistant. Feel free to generate and make any adjustments you desire. Additionally, you can utilize AI-powered tools to repurpose your content for various channels easily. These tools can help you rewrite and improve your content, adjust its length and tone, and generate relevant hashtags. It only takes a few clicks to schedule them in your social accounts, allowing you to quickly fill out your posting calendar with the ideas from this brainstorming session.

Flick price

Try it out for a week. For just £14 per month, you can get the Solo plan, which includes 4 social profiles and allows you to schedule up to 30 monthly posts. It’s a great deal!

5. Audiense

Audiense focuses on depth. It focuses heavily on providing in-depth information. It only connects with Twitter and not with any other social media platform. This app utilizes AI and machine learning to analyze vast Twitter data and provide valuable insights.

Presented in this manner, it provides concise summaries. Audiense’s reports provide detailed information on a wide range of topics. Here’s a simple breakdown: Connect your Twitter account, analyze your followers, or choose a target audience to get started. The report may take some time to generate as the algorithm processes a large amount of data based on your request. However, the results are truly remarkable, almost eerie once it’s ready.

Audiense price

A free plan is available that offers basic Connect features and allows you to generate 3 reports on Insights. For just $49/month, you can access all the incredible features of Audiense Connect with our Twitter Marketing plan.

6. Ocoya

Ocoya is a user-friendly social media scheduling app equipped with a competent AI copywriter. It ensures your posts are published at the perfect moments, saving you the trouble of brainstorming ideas for writing.

Once you click the AI Copywriter button on the dashboard, you’ll find a selection of 56 templates to choose from, offering plenty of variety. Our templates are designed to meet all your needs, regardless of the number of channels you use. Whether you’re creating ad copy, generating thought-provoking questions, or rewriting text, our templates have got you covered.

Ocoya price

The Bronze paid plan is available for just $19 monthly and includes 5 social profiles and 100 AI credits.


What can you do when you have absolutely nothing and need to create 30 posts quickly? Avoiding anxiety is the right answer. Signing up for is a breeze. With just a simple four-word prompt, this tool can effortlessly assist you in managing copy, images, and video.

Once you complete the onboarding process, you’ll find a few pre-generated posts to review. There are two options available for you to choose from. You can either go with the classic post, which includes a caption and an image, or you can take it further and request an Instagram carousel. The package consists of images with a consistent design and simple text that can be customized to suit your requirements. You can easily switch the layout and color scheme to quickly change the look and feel if you’re not satisfied with a particular one.

This platform does not generate videos for you to watch. Instead, Predis social media management uses your text to search a library of stock videos and create a video post. It includes text, images, video, and a few animations to blend everything seamlessly. I appreciate the efficiency of going from nothing to a visually appealing post in no time. price

Get started with our free plan and enjoy 15 AI-generated posts. Please note that these posts will have the Predis watermark. The Lite plan is priced at $32 per month and includes 60 AI-generated posts, and 60 competitor analysis runs per month.

8. Publer

Imagine a world where dogs are left without walks, vacations are never taken, and spending time with friends feels like a distant dream. Enter Publer, the ultimate superhero of social media management productivity. With Publer, you can reclaim your free time and make it fashionable again. Just take a look at the landing page, and you’ll understand.

I appreciate the branding, but what truly matters is the app itself. Publer is a platform that provides various features and a user-friendly interface. This tool includes all the essential features for scheduling posts and managing content. It also offers additional features to enhance your content creation process and gain insights into what others are creating.

The AI content generation features will ensure the text is concise and straightforward, making it easy to read. It also includes emojis that are relevant and well-placed. It’s a breeze to enter a detailed prompt and request the hashtags at the end. Click on the generate button and patiently wait for the results to appear. With the new GPT-4 integration, Publer’s results may take a bit longer to develop, but rest assured, it will be at most 20 seconds. Plus, you can expect even better results.

Publer price

It offers a free plan that allows you to manage up to 3 accounts and schedule up to 10 posts. The Professional plan, priced at $12 per month, removes most limitations.

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