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What is Yubo? 10 Best Apps Like Yubo

Yubo: Everything you need to know!

The internet is great for connecting people and encouraging friendships in a community. These days, both millennials and Gen-Z have one or two social networking sites on their smartphones. They use them to combat loneliness and connect with new people. Social media platforms are influential in attracting people, and innovation is making them even more exciting. People can easily make friends, find long-term relationships, and even date, thanks to apps like Yubo.

Yubo is a fantastic app for meeting new people, making friends, or simply chatting with someone new. However, Yubo is one of many apps one of many apps available. Other platforms have gained popularity and are seen as good alternatives by many users.

This blog will explore alternatives to Yubo, whether you’re looking for exciting features or bored with the app. Here are some great apps to meet new people and add excitement to your life. Let’s get to know them right away, without any delay.

What is Yubo App?

Yubo App

Yubo, also known as the Yellow app, was launched in 2015. This app helps users find friends, chat, play games, and livestream together. If you want to make new friends or find people with similar interests, you can use Yubo. It’s a platform where you can find like-minded matches.

After it was launched, it quickly became a favorite among users. It’s easy to meet and connect with people with similar interests using the swipe feature. Additionally, you can livestream with up to 10 friends. It allows people to watch your livestream and engage with you by commenting on your jokes.

You can play virtual games like charades or Pictionary to have fun and pass the time. Yubo is a great app, but it’s worth exploring other similar apps too.

Yubo Make new friends

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Yubo Statistics and User Count

Social media is one of the most popular apps. Yubo is less well-known than popular apps like Instagram and Facebook. However, it has become popular. Are people interested in using Yubo and looking for Apps Like Yubo? This section will clarify that doubt.

1. Yubo is popular among people aged 13-25. Yubo has 99% of users in the same age range.

2. Yubo, the yellow chat app, saw 10 billion messages sent.

3. Users on Yubo did 30 million live streams.

4. The app is used by 50 million people worldwide.

5. Many countries influence the app. Why wouldn’t they do it? Teens now enjoy Yubo streaming, which has evolved from simple chat.

6. They have also motivated businesses to develop community apps and create more apps for Gen-Z.

List of Best Apps Like Yubo

Here, we list some of the best Yubo alternatives. If you’re interested in dating apps like Yubo or expanding your circle of friends, we’ve researched and found the top apps similar to Yubo.

1. Bumble

Bumble - Best Apps like Yubo

It is a great app to consider if you’re looking for a top apps like Yubo. Bumble BFF can help you find a like-minded person, whether looking for a new friend or planning to move to a new city. Download the app and choose the ‘Bumble BFF’ option to get started. The app has dating and professional modes as well. To start, create an account with a bio and add some images. Once you’re all set up, you can begin swiping to find a new friend. In addition, Bumble offers many enjoyable features like video chats, unlimited swipes, and more. These features will make Bumble your favorite choice.

Website: https://bumble.com

2. Wizz

Wizzapp apps like yubo

Wizz is one of the top apps like Yubo. What makes Yubo unique? The app has a swiping feature that lets you easily browse different accounts. You can swipe left to decline or swipe right to start a conversation with people worldwide.

To refine your filters, you can select age, gender, interests, and more. The app is popular among teens as a top dating app, similar to Yubo. You can share pictures, chat live, share videos, and more with friends. It also allows you to take your friendship to the next level.

Website: https://www.wizzapp.com

3. BeFriend

BeFriend - Make new friends

Easily connect with strangers, make lifelong friends, or start a relationship using the BeFriend app. The app Swipr changed its name to BeFriend, but its core values have stayed the same. To find like-minded people, swipe through their profiles. Post your requirements on the HMU (Hit Me Up) community if you need something quickly. This way, you’ll get a faster response from people ready to join you in the fun. The app is a fantastic friendship-building apps like Yubo. It welcomes people from diverse backgrounds and cultures, an important feature you should consider.

Android | iOS

4. Hoop

Hoop - Make New Friends & Chat

Looking for apps like Yubo? Well, we’ve found another great one called “Hoop.” With this app, you can meet new people and make friends worldwide on Snapchat. You can easily browse through profiles and send connection requests. If the other person accepts, you’ll receive a Snapchat link.

Afterward, you can keep in touch on Snapchat. You can send each other snaps, make video calls, and enjoy many other features. All communication takes place on Snapchat. But if you’re rejected, you won’t get a link. To be noticed, create an attractive profile with your best pictures.

Android | iOS

5. Skout

Skout — Meet New People

Try using Skout, a location-based alternative to Yubo, to chat and meet new people. It’s a popular social discovery app called Yubo, used in 189 countries and available in multiple languages. The app uses GPS to track your location and find nearby profiles. However, it doesn’t track your exact location, and you can turn off this feature in the settings. You can share your videos and inform others about your plans by streaming them.

Android | iOS

6. Wink

WinkChat Make New Chat Room

Wink is an excellent alternative to Yubo for networking and making new friends. You can send messages, videos, GIFs, and play games with your match. Like Yubo and other popular dating apps, this app also has a swiping feature. To decline, swipe left. To make them your friend, swipe right. It provides a feeling of being in control and having options. Users have the freedom to choose who they want to add or not add to their lists. To stand out, create a great profile with up to 6 photos of yourself and an interesting bio.

Android | iOS

7. MeetMe

MeetMe - Meet, Chat & Go Live

MeetMe is among the best apps like Yubo that helps you find friends and create lasting friendships. It is a helpful app that connects you with nearby people who want to join in on your fun activities. Additionally, a discussion feature allows you to share your thoughts with others. This app is similar to Yubo and allows you to easily filter people based on location, interests, sexual orientation, body type, and gender. You can stream your live video, just like on TikTok. Others can watch and join with your permission.

Android | iOS

8. Whisper

Whisper - Text and Video Chat

Have you ever wondered what people around you think? Perhaps Whisper knows the answer. It’s a social media platform similar to Yubo, where you can create posts to share your thoughts or opinions anonymously. Millions of people on the app are ready to give you insight into the world and share similar interests. You can find various topics to explore, including love & relationships, pop culture, inspiration, and more. The app focuses on self-expression and encourages people to engage in discussions.

Android | iOS

9. Tiya

TIYA apps like Yubo

Tiya is a fantastic app for meeting new people and enjoying conversations with a simple swipe. Meet new people by joining group chats or inviting friends to join a group using a link. Tiya is a friend finder app that differentiates itself from others like Yubo. One standout feature is the ability to make accurate, and AI friends easily communicate with them.

You can stay anonymous and hide your profile while using the app. Additionally, the private chat box offers more than just messaging. It allows you to watch videos, listen to new albums, play games, and more. Yubo is a popular online hang-out app with lots of activities to do.

Android | iOS

10. Camfrog

Camfrog Live Cam Chat Rooms

Camfrog is a fun social media app similar to Yubo, where you can chat with new people, join live video streams, and have a great time talking with others. Additionally, the app has a large user base in chatrooms where you can connect with like-minded individuals and engage in meaningful discussions about topics that matter to you.

If you’re an introvert feeling scared, you can connect with random users to express yourself through chat or video chats. It’s a great app, similar to Yubo, for making new friends and forming strong connections. You should give it a try. It is one of the best among other apps like Yubo on this list.

Android | iOS


We’re finishing this blog and recommending the top apps like Yubo for 2024. If you want to stay updated on dating app trends or meet new people, these apps have everything you need. We recommend trying it out. You can easily find the app that suits your preferences and needs and is convenient. These apps offer safety and security features, but we still recommend being cautious.


What is Yubo App?

This app helps people connect, chat, live stream, and more. The app is popular with young people aged 13-25.

Is Yubo a dating App?

No, it’s not a dating app. It’s a platform for Gen-Z to connect and hang out online. Users can enjoy a range of features in the app, from basic to advanced.

What age group Yubo app serve?

Yubo is not suitable for children. Mostly, teenagers aged 13-25 use it. There are two groups of people: those under 18 and those over 18.

Is the Yubo app for adults also?

The app has two communities. There are two age groups: one for 13-17 years old and another for 18 & above. Adults can freely use the app too.

Which app do you think is the best alternative to Yubo?

Many apps in the market are great alternatives to Yubo. These apps like Yubo includes Bumble, BeFriend, Hoop, Wink, Wizz, Tiya, Whisper, and Camfrog. You can download it according to your preferences and requirements.

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